November 29, 2006

EDM # 26 Draw anythin I like

This is my version of 'banana' - they are an interesting fruit with lots of character. I did this some time ago and tried out some watercolor wash too - it was fun and rewarding. each work yields new lessons. Washes are new to me and quite tricky as I tend to over work them and planing ahead to preserve my white is not my strength - I think I need to work with some mask out soon. This notebook is nice a white although a bit light for w/c. I outlined with my pen first - looling at it now I realize I should have added some shadow. Oh well -


Teri C said...

Wow, these bananas are just great! I love your spoons also.

Anonymous said...

Oh HO ho! Laughed a lot to see the banana skins! Reminds me of a time walking home and larking about and nearly slipping over right next to a big bag FULL of banana skins! (Seemed funny at the time!