November 28, 2006

EDM # 94 Spoon challenge

EDM challenge #94 Spoons. Amazing how these challenges make me really look at things I never actually 'saw' before. a simple spoon, silver colored and very utilitarian, simple, sleek and so hard to capture.

I wanted to find a unique spoon but decided to stick to the norm and picked a teaspoon and a slotted spoon for size variety. I HAD to do a pencil sketch first to get decent proportions then my Micron pen. I checked with a Claudia Nice "how to" book and she used some gold washes then gray and burnt sienna mixtures so I tried the same, while preserving my whites as best I could. My moleskine journal (non-watercolor) did not care to cooperate much but I stopped before everything got muddy. Adding in the shadow helped and I often forget to look for them. not great but I learned from it all. And I can tell they are spoons!


Alison said...

very impressive - the shadows really ground them

Anonymous said...

These are really impressive. Your instructions worked well because I can really see the metal. Also the beams and shadows add realy interest.

Anonymous said...

Itis so true. I look at everyhting differntly since starting the EDM challenges. Now I look at everything as a drawing opportunity! These spoons are done really well - you did a great job with the shadow and light.