November 14, 2006

Last Rose?

Mid November in New England and I still have a few roses (and violas too) very warm and wet fall - actually ruined much of the beautiful foliage we are so famous for. This little rose was a bit spent and did not like my cutting and 'posing' her but I think I managed to get the essence. Having trouble getting the depth of green I wanted without over working and my moleskine does not like a lot of water - I will finish this moleskine journal and move to a more water friendly paper.

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Cynthia Padilla said...

This is wonderful little rose study and obviously done from direct observation! (the best way to master drawing and painting) If you have trouble next time with a flower, just jab it into the pins of one of those ‘floral frogs’ and you can then position it any way you need to draw its best angle.

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