November 14, 2006

View from my window challenge

EDM challenge #18 the view from my window - my bedroom window as I lay in bed on a bright Saturday morning and view the blindingly glorious sugar maple glowing in all it's splendor. This tree is always one of the last to color for autumn and it is always mostly bright golden yellow. Such a bright welcome to a new day. Of course it has rained several days now and it is now a soggy mess on the lawn. BUT - I have this memory posted to visit anytime. The little leaf on the bottom was taken from under the tree and added later, it had begun to brown and fade from its golden glory. I worked on the window shape first, starting with the center break, then I sailed along with the rest of the window only to realize the bottom sill was out of proportion. I must remember to stop and draw what I see, not what my brain thinks it will see.


Karen Winters said...

Congratulations on doing so many of the challenges and so nicely, Sandy. This bright window will be a lovely memory for a long time, I'm sure.

Kay Cox said...

Sandy, I'm jealous...not only is this a bright and cheerful drawing but your view must be great. We don't get "fall" here in the tropics so I love the color of the sugar maple.

Sue said...

Sandy, LOVE the delicate line with which you convey your view of the world. Your sweet rose! I'm so glad I popped in. Welcome, Sue