December 29, 2006

The True Meaning

Christmas Eve as we headed home after dinner at our daughter's home I continued to reflect on the holiday and what I could capture in a sketch to reflect my feelings. So many images raced through my mind, Malls filled with crazy shoppers, piles of gifts, the decorations, cookies, snowmen, I even contemplated capturing the crazy over whelmed state of my mind. But, as we drove home, quietly through the dark viewing the twinkling lights and candles in the windows and stars above, I realized there is only one real meaning, the true meaning of Christmas. At 10:30, I had finished with prep for the next morning's brunch, stuffed stockings, and placed gifts under the tree, DH had gone to bed. I sat down and drew my stone creche - I was amazed I captured it so closely. Pen on moleskine journal

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