June 3, 2011

Fat and Feisty!

Boy I have a lot to learn about drawing my dogs, but you get the idea, Fat and Feisty for sure. I finally got a page done - it has been chaos with the two pups and then we went away for a long Mem. Day weekend and I got sick, and Wow - I need a vacation! Nice weekend ahead finally, maybe I can draw something outside or a change?


Teri C said...

Cute, cute, cute. Yes, they will be tacking you a Lo and you them.

Ruca said...

Your pup drawings are fun! Oh, you're going to have a wonderful summer. Dogs are the best company (being a dog myself I suppose I'm a bit biased). I saw on an earlier post that you're wondering how it will be trying to paint black dogs. Try exaggerating the contrast between the dark tones and the light ones. And also try using any colour BUT black. I find that using various tones of blues can work.