August 22, 2011

Everyday Objects #4

Another snippet of my home/life. I have long been drawn to old New England artwork, grave stone rubbings and such. Something haunting and enticing about those faces and script. Well years and years ago I bought these bookends (resin) molded and finished to replicate old gravestones. They hold my books well - They have a few more dings and blemishes but overall this captures them well. I never noticed how stressed the woman appears?? Guess I can understand that!


Clare said...

Oh My, faces on headstones, never heard of such a thing. I have really enjoyed browsing your sketchbook today.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking forever for these bookends which I lost after a divorce. Can't find them anywhere. If you ever want to sell them, please contact me
or if yopu know where I can find some. THANKS! Love your page