January 22, 2013

30 Minute Yeast Rolls

In January the vultures come. Why I do not know unless some one is feeding them? They are no bother but somehow eerie.

They have a favorite tree just up the hill.

Often a few spread their wings to dry in the morning and create quite a spectacle. Ominous as I pass underneath !

Turkey vultures are almost as large an eagles I believe.

Why this leads me to yeast rolls I have no idea- except that in January I want to Bake! Cookies, pies , cakes and especially Breads!

Recently, Pinterest (a new addiction) pictured 30 minute yeasted dinner rolls. Intrigued I had to give them a go ... And...Success.

They lack the full flavor of slow rise but very satisfying for a quick side.





1C plus 2T warm water

1/3 cup canola oil

1/4 C sugar or honey

2T yeast (yes 2 Tablespoons)

Mix together let sit 10 minutes

Add in

1 tsp salt

1 beaten egg

Blend well then add flour gradually and mix in stand mixer 5 min or by hand 10-12 minutes

Shape into 12 rolls and place side by side in pan - ok I got carried away and made 15 rolls. Math was never my strong suite.

They get poofy quickly with all that wonderful yeast!

Bake 10-12 minutes till golden brown, remove from oven and brush with butter. Viola -hot fragrant rolls just begging for butter or jam and my house is nice and warm too :-)

Happy baking!


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Healing Woman said...

I agree, January is a bake time. Those rolls look scrumptious! Thanks..I will make.