March 8, 2013

Spring Struggles In?

Typical New England, freezing one day then warm and sunny the next. The variety is interesting albeit inconvenient at times. Today, Friday I need to get to work and finish payroll among other things but Mother Nature had another idea and the snow plow has yet to visit my roads as usual !

Two days have produced about 6" after we finally melted the 34" we got from blizzard Nemo. Rude - enough already but wait a minute tomorrow is supposed to get up near 50 degrees with sun ( good I have a birthday party to attend for fabulous 7 yo twins I can to claim as mine). I have to admit the wet sticky snow creates a glorious clean canvas! Surreal

So today will be a struggle in a few ways but I can enjoy the wonderland created and dream of the sun's warmth heading our way and the flowers that will follow eventually, I hope (fingers crosses)

Good words always. Happy Friday everyone.


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