February 22, 2013


Late February gets 'old' drab, flat, boring (as well as cold and wet and dank) I am ready for spring. Any one with me?

This gorgeous palette gives me hope!! I have to start painting again!


January 23, 2012

Binkie Thingies

Just a random page, as the urge strikes me. I simply can't get motivated or inspired. A long dry spell and the funny thing is I miss drawing and painting. And I miss you all!

January 4, 2012

Gus, day 2 of 366

Gus (Angus) is getting big, still in the digging, chewing stage (notice very dirty nose) but he is trying to be a good boy - along with his twin brother Otis. He is happy to represent day 2 in my instagram challenge.

December 31, 2011

Hello 2012

For the new year I am started an instagram challenge, 366 daily posts for the year (365+1 for this leap year) My goal is for each instagram to represent a snippet of my day - good, bad, ugly. A picture is worth a thousand words - so this is my autobiography for 2012.

December 15, 2011

Christmas doodles 2011

It's been so busy I have had little time to do much creatively, except decorate, bake and shop (a very creative sport in my book). Time is fleeting as usual. Last night I just sat and decided to doodle what is left to complete. It made for a festive page once I added the sting of lights and somehow made it all look more "doable". Hope all are enjoying their holiday time and relaxing more than I. ( If so, please let me know your secret!!)

November 30, 2011

Turkey Day 2011

Quite a memorable Thanksgiving, 22 for dinner but that is not unusual at all. A good foot of snow - yes unusual of late. Babies doing the dangest things, and a killer sunset to name a few.
The mountains of Maine appeared ablaze - it was a long, stunning sunset.

November 11, 2011

Horse play

It all starts here - girls and horses, it is a match made in heaven I believe. For me, it actually started with a wooden hobby horse - remember those? Mine never left my side as a child. Things blossomed from there. And apparently the genes have passed on - to my daughter ( who progressed to the big time jumpers) and to my little granddaughter - Love, equine style.
Alyssa on Big strapping Bruno.

Adios Alfred

It's been a Long 12 Days without power/water/heat for thousands in Connecticut since Alfred hit (a Nor'easter that dropped deep wet snow in late October) 870,000 without power at first count in our state alone. A long slow recovery in frigid temperatures. Luckily, we were spared- the shoreline was protected by the relatively warm ocean waters (only received 5" of heavy wet snow!!) The news finally reported All Power had been Restored Finally! As I left work, I noticed the golden glow of the Full Beaver Moon, in soft lavender twilight - through the power lines. We do love our power!

November 7, 2011

Alfred Effect

Alfred came a'callin - heavy wet snow 3 days before Halloween, Almost a million without power in Connecticut - MAJOR tree damage, especially in the north part of the state. Today, 9 days after the storm thousands still have no power in these sub zero temperatures (at night) The year of record breakers continues.
There was no fall here in Southern New England, we jumped right into winter. Even this sky looks cold and omnious. Wonder what will come our way next?

October 27, 2011

Where Have I BEEN?

I have been AWOL - I know . Of course it is presumptuous to think anyone misses my posts. But, hey if you are here maybe you did miss me a little ? Life gets hectic at times, there has been some traveling with my husband, and the usual work, and house work and chores etc. But - - I have found a new lover (gasp!) For my birthday I got a new 'big girl' Nikon digital camera and it was love at first click. The combination of 10 adorable grandkids, 2 new puppies and the New England fall foliage brought to my attention how miserable my little point and shoot camera is. And my sketching needed a break, I felt a little burned out and a break can re-juice the battery. So a month has flown by. So between reading several books on Real Photography and finally trying to understand my Photoshop Elements beyond the 'quick fix' panel - I did a sketch. Just a little black and white - of my new lens ( wide angle) so I can take some goulish picture of the little gobblins coming soon. My blog is going to morph into a more eclectic montage, some photos (surprise surprise), some life updates and yes still sketching. I want to diverse and experiment and enjoy it all more. Hey I may throw in some recipes I love! Hope you will continue to come visit and comment and join in my fun. Thanks to all who have and hopefully will! Sandy (myfiddlestix)

October 2, 2011

Griffin's view of Paris

Griffin's view of Paris, originally uploaded by My Fiddlestix.

My Imaginary trip to Paris continues, and the view from atop Notre Dame is manifique !
40 min sketch (time limits set). Now i'll add my text. Great class to get journal entries down quickly.

September 30, 2011

Everyday Paris

Another page from my Imaginary Trip to Paris with Laure Ferlita. Enjoying the sights, food and museums. Sure wish I was there!

September 23, 2011

Wandering Paris

My Imaginary Trip to Paris continues. Lots of fun and laughs with a great bunch of artists and Laure Ferlita (our host). This week we are touring Versailles, and WOW! The assignment was to pick a scene and do a time sketch (the time up to us). I am striving to learn fast sketch techniques and I am happy to say I am!! I allowed 10 minutes for a quick pen only sketch of the framework and scribbles of the art within of this CEILING view (yes the ceiling is jaw dropping gorgeous). 10 minutes for paint concentrating on VALUES. then 10 or so for text 'back at our hotel'. Sorry my text scanned so faintly - need to up my pen sizes. There are more pages to post, as soon as I have time ;)

September 8, 2011

Imaginary Trip to Paris - Crypt

Laure Ferlita hosts Imaginary trips to wonderful places (imaginarytrips.com) and a troupe of fabulous journal sketchers have just arrived in Paris, myself included. I highly recommend the course for its fun, creative atmosphere with new learning curves around every corner.
Here is my first post from a highly unlikely location: Pere lachaise Cemetery (timed - only 35 minutes allotted) -
I love Paris and my last visit I was a newbie journaler, this trip I am raring to go (and prepare for my Paris trip next spring!)

September 2, 2011

IRENE - day 6

Sloppy mish/mash page as I strive to record some of what surrounds me from Irene remnants. the direct shoreline is so much worse with major devastation than we are. Power companies are struggling to get schools open (already eating up "snow" days). finally there are some gas stations open and a few restaurants and the grocery store. Thee are water refill stations and pot luck suppers here and there, many Good Neighbors. We are lucky Irene was only a TS at time of impact but enough is enough. AND rain and humidity are coming for the holiday weekend - Yipee!

September 1, 2011

Everyday Objects - Last

Day 5 and still no power, at least enough trees are removed that we can navigate the town pretty well (to search for gas, ice, food ;-) Work has power and it is good to be in a normal environment for a time each day. It does appears the main route through town (Rte 1) is getting power gradually so we see hope. We are better off than many with a generator and enough food and a well that Will flush our toilets. But this is getting Old. I need more wine!

August 30, 2011

Irene Part 1

Quite a stint - 3 days down and Many to go. This afternoon I managed to get to my office (long backtracking route to find clear roads) and Miraculously it has power And internet! Miracle - well it is inland from home. We are all fine, I managed one spread which sums up our Irene weekend - except I did not mention the Huge tree that decided to fall on our neighbor's house instead of ours YIKES. We still have a long haul to get power and get any sense of normal tho - Thanks so much for all the well wishes, and I hope other's fared well too!

August 28, 2011

Color Play

Well by now we are knee deep in Irene - Living along the coast of CT is lovely - until such events occur. I am posting this Friday - to publish on Sunday - just so I can Feel Connected, but most assuredly I won't be. Hopefully I will be calmly playing in my sketchbook by flash light sipping a glass of wine ;-) God Bless all in her pathway.

August 26, 2011

Everyday Objects #5

Yep, a beating on the way - sure wish it was gonna be whipped cream. Everyday Objects #5 continues . . .

August 22, 2011

Everyday Objects #4

Another snippet of my home/life. I have long been drawn to old New England artwork, grave stone rubbings and such. Something haunting and enticing about those faces and script. Well years and years ago I bought these bookends (resin) molded and finished to replicate old gravestones. They hold my books well - They have a few more dings and blemishes but overall this captures them well. I never noticed how stressed the woman appears?? Guess I can understand that!