August 30, 2011

Irene Part 1

Quite a stint - 3 days down and Many to go. This afternoon I managed to get to my office (long backtracking route to find clear roads) and Miraculously it has power And internet! Miracle - well it is inland from home. We are all fine, I managed one spread which sums up our Irene weekend - except I did not mention the Huge tree that decided to fall on our neighbor's house instead of ours YIKES. We still have a long haul to get power and get any sense of normal tho - Thanks so much for all the well wishes, and I hope other's fared well too!

August 28, 2011

Color Play

Well by now we are knee deep in Irene - Living along the coast of CT is lovely - until such events occur. I am posting this Friday - to publish on Sunday - just so I can Feel Connected, but most assuredly I won't be. Hopefully I will be calmly playing in my sketchbook by flash light sipping a glass of wine ;-) God Bless all in her pathway.

August 16, 2011

Full Sturgeon Moon

Last Saturday, we were at the marina to check the boat and go to dinner. It was about 8 pm as we left and still twilight - and although storm clouds were moving in, the moon shone brightly above the harbor. A beautiful sight and I knew it would become a sketch. I finished it last night and just before going to bed I added the text using my new Lami Joy calligraphy pen - oops, did not realize I had loaded blue ink - and stupidly I just dove into the text. Certainly not what the page needed, I need to slow down and not hurry as I often do when I think I am late. Oh well live and learn -maybe.

August 12, 2011

On Songo

A quick sketch of a lovely little ground cover I found in Maine, Pretty much actual size here. Each stem appeared to be independent of the others which covered the soft wooded ground. Reminded me of holly. No idea what it is. The scene is our view of the huge pond, then my ramblings on the day. I never know how to finish such a page to give it a homogeneous look.