December 31, 2006

EDM #99 Resolution

I thought long and hard about this New Year's resolution and the EDM challenge that accompanited it. At my age I have made all the regular declarations but this year I wanted to be very serious. It occured to me that the only real thing I need to concentrate on is - time - Because I work full time, have a growing brood of grand children, and a big house and garden and I love to do so many things I end up with little time to do any one thing well. Now I adore sketching and experimenting with color. I love this EDM group and my vow is to make signifigant daily time to nurture this love and hopefully grow and leave bits of myself through my art journal. As far as a detailed plan- I will work on this as I expand my time and probably follow others. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.

December 19, 2006

EDM #98 Free Choice

Started with a box in November, watered and sunned and Viola!! Asimple bulb teaches us so much, that something brown and dry and seemingly dead can -unveil such blazing beauty with simple nurture. Such beauty I cannot capture - The best things in life are free (well, ok I bought the bulb) Sketched in stages then the full bloom rendered a sketch followed by water color washes - probably over worked, but this is the first time I was brave enough to add a deep background - always experimenting and learning.

December 18, 2006

EDM #7 bottle or jar

These pretty little bottles are from my bathroom. The pink perfume bottle my daughter gave me, the middle is Shalimar parfume and the right is a ring holder of swirling blown glass - they are bright and cheerful and I tried to capture that - Pencil sketch followed by water color washes in my moleskine journal.

December 15, 2006

EDM #90 Wings

In keeping with the holiday theme I chose my stone-like cherub for EDM #90 Wings -This little guy sits in my bathroom vanity. The sculpture is fairly heavy, and meant to hang on the wall. I contemplated spattering him with dark gray but did not want to risk it for my first time spattering ;-) I also regretted the pen shadowing I did under his chin before the water color wash - looks like he has a beard! Oh well, I will try him again at a later date and next time on WC paper - my moleskine journal does not like this much water. Live and learn. Pencil then pen sketch on moleskine and water color washes added.

December 14, 2006

EDM #97 Past Christmas Present

Many years ago (1984?) I spotted this hand carved wooden Santa/sleigh and reindeer in a Christmas shop - It was quite expensive and as a young mother with a young, struggling family - Way out of my price range. My mother was shopping with me and on an even tighter budget than I (as an older single woman struggling with New England oil bills, etc). She noted how "my eyes lit up at the sight of that quaint Santa". He appeared under my tree wrapped with a modest bow that year. Every year since he comes out for our Christmas holiday. My children remember him well and recount how they broke the antlers several times ;-). My mother is gone now and left me very few bits of memorabilia, BUT when I bring out this winsome guy, she is with us again.

December 13, 2006

Dead Pen

The notation says it all - After starting (re-starting) sketching, EDM convinced me to go to the pen and make lasting marks without worry of errors. I Love it. This Artline was the first pen I felt totally comfortable with as it was fine and reliable and handy. Now, alas, it has expired, so sad, but there is another trusty pen awaiting in the wings. Onward and upward.

December 12, 2006

Me # 3

In reading Danny Gregory's 'Everyday Matters' and 'Creative License' he does self portraits as does his father (daily if you can believe it) . I find so much inspiration and insite in both books and I look to them for guidance regularly. For me humans the hardest to capture at least to the point of recognition . I am the only subject I can get to hold still for long so I decided to do my face once a month and view progress. This sketch was motivated by another EDM listing using crayons, it seemed fun and although it does not capture 'me' I am happy with the lesson. pencil sketch followed by WC crayons in moleskine journal

December 11, 2006

EDM #2 Lamp

Challenge #2 Lamp - I am pretty new to EDM so I am going back over the list when I need inspiration. I have Very boring lamps in my home. This one floor lamp has a very pretty cut glass shade a' la Tiffany style. Of course capturing the light and swirl of glass is tough but I thought I would give it a try. I did try the birthday candle trick to show the twist of the wooden base - that worked out well. Glass will probably always be a challenge for me. Pencil sketch followed by Water Color in my NON - Watercolor moleskine note book - I have to stop using this for watercolor, it is not happy and the yellow pages throw off my colors AND it is hard to photograph.

December 7, 2006

EDM #96 Something Sweet

Sweeets, my downfall. Here are three favorites always nearby; Reese's peanut butter cup (mini) Hershey kiss (cherry- my fav) and a mini Butterfinger. I struggled to be creative on this challenge but decided to reflect my real world. I have not started any Christmas baking, I keep very few desserts at home as they disappear all too easily via me or my husband. BUTchocolate is a necessity and certainly has gotten me through many a tough day. pen sketch done in (non watercolor) moleskine and then water color wash added. I am having problems flattening and lighting my sketchbooks for true digital pictutes to download. Also this moleskine has a creamy yellow tint to the pages that I am always fighting. I have grown fond of the book though and do not want to abondon it. Any suggesting for these problems would be appreciated.

December 6, 2006

Terror Machine

Oh Lord, I know I am not alone, this thing is Evil - Like many I have fought the battle FOREVER and of course this time of year (holidays) is even harder. The EDM challenge this week is "Something Sweet" and my mind turns to Chocolate, Cookies, Candy and Cake (the terrible C's) That brought this sketch to mind and I had to post it to remind myself "I Will Not Gain 10 Pounds this Christmas" Actually sketching and dabbling in watercolor distracts me and I cannot eat while sketching ;-). I will work up a proper challenge for 'Something Sweet', probably tonight- But, here is my monster which will loom very close to that demon sugar entry to come next. Simple pen on sketchpad

December 5, 2006

EDM challenge Christmas Card

My simple angel, or at least I thought it would be simple. I wanted to create a wash reminescent of a whisper of an angel. Of course nothing is that simple. As usual I tried too hard and worked it too much. Ah - that is what a challenge is, an effort and I do 'know' it is an angel. I will revisit this challenge at a later date. pencil outline then several watercolor washes in my moleskine (non watercolor) journal.

December 4, 2006

EDM #1 Shoe

This was my first attempt at my shoes. Also one of my first attempts at watercolor. These are my trusty LL Bean loafers, very comfortable and versatile. I did a pencil sketch first then a light color wash. I later came back to add some depth and shadow and define the woven lacing. Not a work I am at all satisfied with but this is a learning process and I hope some day to look back and see major progress.

December 2, 2006


This is a snipett of down town, a couple of cute buildings. I parked across the street and did a quick sketch. In the past I always fussed too much over details and exact perspective which took away the fun.
Pen on moleskine journal.

December 1, 2006


Ahhhh horses, I have alway loved horses. Black Beauty was my very favorite book, I had horse figurines as a child and a hobby horse was the best toy I can remember from childhood.

My third child, a daughter, shared this love and rode competitively for years (doing timed course jumping) . I was brave enough to take riding lessons in my 40s and loved it, even managed to ride our "jumper" to a decent trot. It was sheer joy, BUT a couple of simple tumbles revealed my age and fragility and I could not develop the tremendous strength needed to actually ride securel.

Alas, I now only have those fond memories. Our horse is retired now - I pay his board because No Way I could sell him any more than I could sell my child.

My husband bought me a gorgeous pen and ink scene of horses outside a stone NE barn feasting on dinner (hay) and I worked up this tiny part of that picture of this gorgeous warmblood. Ah I still geat a warm feeling from their faces - Winston Churchill once said "nothing is as good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse".

Ink and watercolor wash in sketchbook