May 29, 2009

ED in May 28

I adore peonies, they are close to blooming and I will have a ton soon. It seemed appropriate to try a sketch for Every Day in May .The after will probably come in June.
I regret the purple border- not the right shade -it seemed like a good idea at the time.

May 27, 2009

WCP tests

Mixing my blues with my yellows to see what greens I can get- rather weak in this scan, I think mixing the dry colors will give more intensity. Here are my basic triads using primaries, again, good color but not intense when mingled separately .

May 26, 2009

EDin May 23 (oops out of order)

Saturday before Memorial Day my husband and I took his 88 year old mother to buy flowers for her home and the 7 gravesites they decorate. The small nursery was full of color and life. This small garden globe stake caught my eye, set against the backdrop of white azalias. I didn't save enough white to truly capture the light of the globe.
Our house was full (six grandkids ages 6 to 2 and 6 adults) so it was very active. I now need to add some journaling to capture the full day's events.

May 25, 2009

EDin May 24 Memorial Day

Every Day does Matter, and never forget who kept us free.

May 23, 2009

EDM 224 pitcher

And EDin May #22
One of my favorite white ironstone pitchers- usually holds flowers but lately my turkey feather collection.

May 22, 2009


Finished - I liked working in stages, it made me slow down and think and perhaps avoid some stupid mistakes.

May 21, 2009

EDin May 20

Ok, This is it for the illustrations. I need to deepen a few values and perhaps a bit of detail - Of course this is the point where I fiddle and ruin it ??!! Help!! AND I will add some journaling to explain the weekend events and memories.

May 20, 2009

EDin May 19

Update- as I progress on my weekend in Maine page. I am happy with the two structures. I dove in with the feather insert, and I hope that was not a mistake but it is a great feature from the weekend. - More tomorrow ;-)

May 15, 2009

EDin May 17

Our High Tech corner.

EDin May 16

The numbered pages are off from the posting dates ;-) that annoys me.

EDM 223 and EDinMay 15

Ok not my Favorite sound, but a sound I would definitely Miss .

May 13, 2009

EDinMay 14

Ok, I am bring out the Big Guns tonight ;-)

May 12, 2009

EDinMay 13

Next I may try a hammer for relief.

EDinMay 11

No inspiration today so just sketching - - -

May 7, 2009

EDM 222 and EDinMay 07

Others have done the fabulous sketches of their water brush, micron pen, trusty pencil and such, and I Love them all - so I had to pay tribute to my trusty eraser - always there, ready to give me a second chance (yes I am an ink chicken.) And PS I used the simple Prang watercolor set (given to me by Jane from janeville) they are surprisingly rich and creamy (and used in WC 'emergencies' at work). I did not need the yellow but demonstrated the nice green and neutral possible from these three.

May 6, 2009

EDinMay #6

EDinMay 5

Finished last night but I forgot to post, and this morning I wanted to FIDDLE - but I posted instead.

May 3, 2009

EDinMay #3

#3 Done and up, and I have decided on a 'theme' for EDinMay - simple 3 primary experiments.

May 2, 2009

Every Day in May 2

Another in my little Around Town series - Bluff's Head in the north end of town is a popular hiking trail with a magnificent view - Southern CT is rather flat as it reaches the shore so this point is the exception in the area. I have rather exaggerated it's drama for my full artistic interpretation ;-) I used an ink that is Not water proof, to get the washed effect - it ran a bit more than I would like but the process was fun - of course now the foliage is opening so there should be lots of spring greens.

May 1, 2009

EDinMay #1 2009

Omens/signs, they are everywhere - at least I believe so. Lately I have been asking for signs and last weekend I got three of them -Big ones for me. All good and all special to me in my own interpretation. Completed in time for this first entry Every Day in May 09. May is going to be a Magnificent month!!