November 30, 2006

EDM #41 City Landmark

This is 'grass island" a quaint cottage, long deserted, sitting at the mouth of our harbor on Long Island Sound - our town was established in 1639 which makes it only 3 years younger than the first new england settlement. There are lots of old homes and even a light house off shore but I chose this scene for EDM #41 - I can sit comfortably in my car at the dock with this view of the grass island cottage. It s a gorgeous calm day and quite pleasant to sit and sketch. Once home I worked in some watercolor trying not to overwork the piece. ( as I always seem to do) First sketched in my journal with pencil then wc wash.

November 29, 2006

EDM # 26 Draw anythin I like

This is my version of 'banana' - they are an interesting fruit with lots of character. I did this some time ago and tried out some watercolor wash too - it was fun and rewarding. each work yields new lessons. Washes are new to me and quite tricky as I tend to over work them and planing ahead to preserve my white is not my strength - I think I need to work with some mask out soon. This notebook is nice a white although a bit light for w/c. I outlined with my pen first - looling at it now I realize I should have added some shadow. Oh well -

November 28, 2006

EDM # 94 Spoon challenge

EDM challenge #94 Spoons. Amazing how these challenges make me really look at things I never actually 'saw' before. a simple spoon, silver colored and very utilitarian, simple, sleek and so hard to capture.

I wanted to find a unique spoon but decided to stick to the norm and picked a teaspoon and a slotted spoon for size variety. I HAD to do a pencil sketch first to get decent proportions then my Micron pen. I checked with a Claudia Nice "how to" book and she used some gold washes then gray and burnt sienna mixtures so I tried the same, while preserving my whites as best I could. My moleskine journal (non-watercolor) did not care to cooperate much but I stopped before everything got muddy. Adding in the shadow helped and I often forget to look for them. not great but I learned from it all. And I can tell they are spoons!

November 27, 2006

Good Phone !

My office phone. A quiet phone is a good phone - sometimes it is productive and some times just drives me crazy. This phone was quiet long enough for a good study/sketch. micron pen done in moleskine journal.

November 23, 2006

I love lupines, and in Maine they grow like wildfire - this house is my version of a Maine Print I own.

My husband's family is from Maine and we spend a lot of time there, between the rocky shore and the mountains for skiing and such. A very different way of life. I am looking forward to sketching the various areas we visit (Bar Harbor, Camden, Freeport) for seaside, Sunday River, Mount Washington, White mountains (for winter).

So this is my version of wild lupines. I wish I could grow a field of them at home.

Done in pencil then watercolor.

November 20, 2006

Tonight I babysit my grandchildren. My son and his wife have gone to a concert, it is very late and Alyssa (age 4) is sound asleep, I tiptoe in to view her and do a quick sketch by the hall light. My grandson Will (age 1) is asleep in his crib but I dare not go in and risk waking him. After the sketch I retire back into the living room and the TV late show is on. I am reading The Creative License by the wonderful Danny Gregory but my eyes are losing focus. I am glad to have the opportunity to sketch my sleeping beauty, she does not hold still very long and I need lots of practice with human images. Done in moleskine journal with pencil then ink. the digital picture is not as defined as I would like.

November 17, 2006

EDM #12 What I ate for dinner

This is a favorite quick dinner. My husband is out of town so left to my own choice I have something quick, sweet and filling = English muffin with peanut butter and honey. While eating alone I also love to watch the Food TV Network while Rachel Ray or some other chef whips up some yummy dishes. My two dogs (Bo and Harley) sit by the table drooling, hoping for a lick when I finish. Hated to let it get cold while I sketched - the pencil sketch was quick, then I ate and gave it a quick wc wash. Makes my hungry just looking at it.

November 16, 2006

EDM #93 Egg carton

Quite a challenge for me - I bought this half carton specifically for the challenge. I did a pencil sketch first, then had to check my (home made)watercolor mixing chart to have any idea what colors to mix. I started with the brown eggs in a light wash, then the same on the carton (was suppoosed to be more taupe instead of gray ? but I could not mix that) then I kept intensifying colors and adding depth and detail - probably overworked it? Then I knew it needed "grounding" - I took a deep breath :-) and added the dark gray under shading - This is probably the first real "WC only" work I have ever done and I am ( modestly) quite proud of how it came out - even though my non WC moleskine was not happy. Only through this site have I found the knowledge and support and freedom to give it all a try and have Fun!

November 14, 2006

Sea Shells

I worked on these shells from another site to practice the jumbled composition of the mussel shells and subtle coloring and shading (I am very new to watercolors) the upper starfish and shells were a "draw what you see" lesson then added watercolor to try to add some depth and life to them. They are cheerful and came out better than I thought. I live near the shoreline and have spent many a summer strolling the sand searching for shells, glass and especially sand dollars. This brings back many wonderful memories from when my kids were small, and very "salty" all summer long.

View from my window challenge

EDM challenge #18 the view from my window - my bedroom window as I lay in bed on a bright Saturday morning and view the blindingly glorious sugar maple glowing in all it's splendor. This tree is always one of the last to color for autumn and it is always mostly bright golden yellow. Such a bright welcome to a new day. Of course it has rained several days now and it is now a soggy mess on the lawn. BUT - I have this memory posted to visit anytime. The little leaf on the bottom was taken from under the tree and added later, it had begun to brown and fade from its golden glory. I worked on the window shape first, starting with the center break, then I sailed along with the rest of the window only to realize the bottom sill was out of proportion. I must remember to stop and draw what I see, not what my brain thinks it will see.

Apple to Core

McCoun apple, YUM but too short a season. This EDM challenge #24 "draw a piece of fruit" was my first 'in progress' sketch, I could not get the Red I wanted. It was also one of my first watercolor experiments and the white core flesh was so subtle in shading and color. There is a lot to learn from simple peice of magical fruit. Tasted great too.

Paper bag challenge

Here is my little bag - I bought one supplement at the healthfood store and asked for a bag (usually don't) I even purchased canvas bags for groceries as I hate all those plastic bags!! But I took the tiny bag home purposely for the EDM challenge - I mangled it a bit and threw it on the table, first I drew the sideways pose, then placed it upright and finally smoothed and folded it down and finished the final pose. It was a challenge and thankfully the watercolor wash gave it a bit of life. Certainly a good study in shadows. This was fun and nothing I would have even thought to do before - I hated to throw the little bag away as it seemed precious after the 'study'.

Last Rose?

Mid November in New England and I still have a few roses (and violas too) very warm and wet fall - actually ruined much of the beautiful foliage we are so famous for. This little rose was a bit spent and did not like my cutting and 'posing' her but I think I managed to get the essence. Having trouble getting the depth of green I wanted without over working and my moleskine does not like a lot of water - I will finish this moleskine journal and move to a more water friendly paper.


Zeke is my daughter's cat, she brought home many cats when she lived here, Zeke is the last - - he is very black but I did not want him to disappear in this sketch - he wondered what I was doing and was a bit frightened but decided he was too comfortable to run off. My wicker chair was a challenge, I tried hard not to overwork it - still experimenting with drawing and brand new to watercolor washes, but overall I am happy as I captured the moment.

First Post - a new day

Here it is, my very first blog post - at least I hope this works- I chose an EDM challenge, draw bread and Danny Gregory suggested drawing a bagel in his new book . I feel so free and empowered to just draw what I see and do not stress over it all, just have fun, play, learn and move on - I certainly have more respect the little things that make up every day, down to the tiny poppy seeds on my "everything" bagel and I think it tasted better after I truly looked at it and appreciated it.

November 11, 2006

about me-

Always created things, wood carving, rug hooking, wall murals, gardening, stenciling, needlework, knitting, sewing, quilting, stained glass, you name it and I tried it if I had the means. Drawing and painting lured me but I wanted a great masterpiece each time - now, with (EDM) challenges and journaling and having 'loose' fun with watercolor is the ultimate, I have found the artist in me while learning and exploring and enjoying it all immensely - I hope this journal will show me through my eyes and show artistic growth as I follow my path . . . . . Comments/constructive criticism are always welcome.