February 21, 2008

EDM #159 Favorite Kitchen Tool

No doubt, this knife is my favorite kitchen tool. I feel like Rachael Ray when I use it :-)

February 19, 2008

Pandora - unleashed

Recently, I was introduced to the Pandora Bead jewelry line- Quite charming and easily personalized. Almost instantly I became addicted. Originally I started shopping for a bracelet and some beads for my daughter's birthday - but managed to pick up a few for myself . Ok I cannot stop!

February 14, 2008

EDM #158 Popcorn Kernel

There is certainly a lot to observe in a single kernel of corn and it can be over worked quite easily. I like the bottom one best.

February 13, 2008

High Wire Birds

For Warmth?

My Orchids

My quick attempt at my lovely orchids. I really do like these Schmincke paints and I am happy with these greens - the actual flowers - not so much. Again it is more a paper problem than anything else. but it was fun. I will try a rose next for Valentine's day

February 11, 2008


Bec, from 'A Drawing A Day' http://oobos.blogspot.com tagged me . I thank her for visiting my blog and wishing to know more about me!! Now I must confess 5 things about myself EDM does not know: Humm - my blog has revealed a great deal about me and my life but - ok I have dug up five more : 1)I was born on an Airforce base and traveled about for many years as my father's career demanded. I am lucky to have seen so much of the country but I did attend 3 first grades (not three times but three schools in one year) and I will never be proficient at the multiplication tables as I just missed some of them somewhere along the way ! I was always the new girl in class and that contributed to a shy personality. 2)Being quite fair, I have freckles across my nose/cheeks , which I hated . As a child I was told they are 'kisses from the sun ' which helped a bit, but to this day I do not like my freckles when they appear (instead of a tan :) Now if they would only connect I would have a great tan! 3)I have always been obsessed with horses - read Black Beauty a dozen times, rode a hobby horse to Death and collected horse figurines - when my daughter wanted a horse we got her one. She lived and breathed horses and rode competitively and I lived vicariously. I also rode for a few years when she left the horse in my care as she left for college.Then I found out I would die if I didn't quit trying. But Ahhh it was fun and I lived the dream. 4)I scored a perfect 100% on a mechanical apptitude test my senior year of high school, which still mortifies me - how could a student who loves art do such a thing?? Horrors, but I hate and fail at math see #1. 5) Much to the disgust of my children, I LOVED the taste of spent matches (yes I know it is gross , but as a child I craved them and Yes I ate them out of my grandmothers ash tray) I also LOVE the smell of pumping gasoline, magic markers, and licorice AND black olives -I once received a case of them for my birthday. Ok, I am boring and weird - so now I tag 5 artists I love and wish to learn more about: Sketchalina http://www.flickr.com/photos/93526285@N00/ Great travel sketches, lovely homeland scenes and a fun attitude, For some time she was AWOL and I am Very Glad she is back. Rightside's Photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/92439741@N00/ always a lovely, thoughtful journal page, I truly feel as though I know her and her family and always look forward to her entries. The Clothesline and Other Laundry Lists http://myclothesline.blogspot.com/ Again, always fun entries and a joy to read the links. These posts always brighten my day. gabi campanario's photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/baconvelocity/ Fun city sketches, people on the move and his style is quick and yet detailed. always a nice departure from my post style and one I hope to do on the move. An Artist's Journey http://laurelneustadter.blogspot.com/ Another artist with loads of interesting posts and a fresh style, always a joy to check out. So there, list five artists to tag and reveal 5 things about yourself. There are sooooo many others I love to visit, most of them have been tagged in the past so I give them a pardon here. As a community EDM is the best, in support, instruction, inspiration and friendship !!! I thank you all !! Keep sketching and Post MORE!

February 8, 2008

EDM #157 Towel

A deviation from my usual sketch journal entry. I had difficulty finding an inspiring subject I could actually do for this challenge.Here I used a light wash pencil and sketched from a magazine photo. I stopped before I fiddled TOO much but this morning I wish the towel was positioned a bit higher - it appears too low so maybe I will re try this exercise.

February 7, 2008

Always Cake Time ?

My Giant KitchenAid mixer stands ready and raring to go - and in a pinch I have cake mixes on standby - we have a big day tomorrow, and Cake is always welcome as far as I am concerned :)

Tan in a Tube

It is February and I Need Color!! If only I could add some water color washes to my face ?!?

February 5, 2008

My cousin Phinny

Sunday I attended a baby shower and along with loads of good food, fun, mimosas and games, I won the table center piece - a vase of greenery containing a Betta fish. Our table named him Phenneous and shortened it to Phinny :-)
He now resides in my office. Of course I found him quite worthy of a sketch . I am still struggling with the paper in my journal but refuse to leave the book unfinished. I could not get the paint to flow and give me the watery effect I wanted. But my next journal will have Good Paper!! Still I like how this scanned.

February 1, 2008

EDM #156 Sandwich

This is not my favorite sandwich, but I 'thought' I could sketch a ham and cheese hoagie. HARD, especially the few potato chips I chose to add in the lower left corner :) I am also not pleased with the tomato slices as it looks more like ketchup. BUT, the ham is not bad. The inner white bread area is also hard to represent. As usual, there is more to learn and re-try. Perhaps I will give this another go using a different subject, maybe I will have to stalk the local deli for subjects . . . .