September 28, 2010


Finally home! Still have sketches to finish and texting though. Our Bi-Coastal trek is over, a whirlwind of activity, sights and fun . Both the Pacific and Atlantic northwest coasts share so much; and ocean of course, but also the rugged rocky shoreline, terrific flora and fauna and the fog and rain to support it all and great people. Of course the coast of Maine also has Horrific storms (hurricanes) and SNOW (plus my beloved lobsters) All in all we have a fabulous country with so much to see and explore and now I have even More left on my must see list!

September 21, 2010

San Francisco con't

Our last day in San Francisco we headed over the bridge to Muir Woods to see the giant Redwoods and then into Sausalito for some lunch, shopping and sightseeing.
We dined in the old Ghiradelli chocolate factory, the sign remains as a symbol and the store still remains underneath, It was Chocolate Festival weekend here too. There was definitely chocolate in the air.
A business associate took us west to the famous Cliff House for lunch, amazing history and breathtaking view of the pacific and Fabulous lunch.
We parked and walked up into the park to admire the Painted Ladies, even though it was overcast they were bright and cheery. Fun to sketch and paint!

San Francisco

We walked the length of Chinatown, such a wild mix of color, sound and smells, I would love to have browsed each and every shop.
Our morning walk took us past Starbucks on the famous Fisherman's Wharf - I have seen them all over the world and this is almost their home turf - a nice way to start our daily adventure.
Lucky me - my husband had business in San Francisco and then a Naval Reunion in Portland Oregon we planned them to allow some day trips. I have not been drawing much and it shows in this spread, but I could feel my creative juices begin to flow.

September 7, 2010

A Star is Born

He was our little Star at birth, but Saturday he joined the man's club of Sports for real!