September 21, 2010

San Francisco con't

Our last day in San Francisco we headed over the bridge to Muir Woods to see the giant Redwoods and then into Sausalito for some lunch, shopping and sightseeing.
We dined in the old Ghiradelli chocolate factory, the sign remains as a symbol and the store still remains underneath, It was Chocolate Festival weekend here too. There was definitely chocolate in the air.
A business associate took us west to the famous Cliff House for lunch, amazing history and breathtaking view of the pacific and Fabulous lunch.
We parked and walked up into the park to admire the Painted Ladies, even though it was overcast they were bright and cheery. Fun to sketch and paint!


PaperPumpkin said...

Aaaaaah, I can smell the chocolate in the air as I gaze at the beauty of San Francisco...Your pages are so lovely. What a beautiful book you have made.

Artoholic said...

I LOVE San Fran, even though it's been years since I've visited.

Also love the feather painting (I'm a feather addict!). Your travel sketches are so lively and fresh - great work!



Healing Woman said...

Your wonderful travel books ( and text) but mine to such shame. I love them.

magpie said...

i left my heart there...
lived in The City (as they call it) in the early 70s and these
bring me back.
wonderfully seen and drawn