November 29, 2009

EDM 250 Free

Of Course God, my husband, children, grandchildren, family and friends are first. But could not paint them .

November 25, 2009

grey on grey

I am moody today, things are not normal, there is worry, and a lot of grey. Tomorrow will be another day.

Converse Universe

Maybe I will wear this combo in support of her condition ;-)

November 23, 2009

New Bag doodles

Blob-ish doodles of my new tote bag toggle and lining.

November 21, 2009

EDM 249 Coffee Pot

Right now I am allowing only one cup in the morning, switching to herbal tea later in the day, I Hate it!!! Love our french press!

November 18, 2009

Its Only Money

Thankfully, we are still solvent in this economy - and I can help someone suffering. I give thanks for this.
And maybe, just maybe I see alittle color coming into my posts.

November 16, 2009

EDM 248 Lock

This OLD combination safe sits in our living room as an end table, an interesting piece for sure. It was a gift from an old friend to our then young son who collected coins. It has always stood in the living room, as it weighs 1,000+ pounds (or so it seems). It may stay with the house forever. ;-) PS it is black with gold paint and lots of rust (iron?) but I could not do that justice.

November 11, 2009

Funk Day

Feeling better today, yesterday was Major Funk Day - My demons were having a field day - I am also trying to lose 10 pounds (again) Not a happy combination. I have to admit, journaling made me feel better (and that slice I pie I devoured) I need to find some Color today!!

November 6, 2009

Beautiful Bronzes

Enjoying what is left of our brief autumn. Even the salt marsh is primarily grey!

November 3, 2009

EDM 247 Creepy

Crazy fun night. Did this before the EDM challenge was posted, but it fits as #247 Creepy!

November 1, 2009

EDM 246 Glove

I can't think about winter Yet!!