January 29, 2009

Alas more chores

Mundane chores continued..... because there is no end.

January 28, 2009

Unending Chores

Problems getting this image sharp and sized properly for blogger?? Some days things just don't go as planned, or maybe this office technology is jealous of my home equipment??
Oh well, here it is, I am determined to take the mundane and make it sketch worthy - or so I am trying. Hope you can read the journaling if you are interested.

January 27, 2009


My sweet granddaughter picked this little guy out for me about a year ago - his head bobbles and he is fairly true to size. George makes me smile when I think of Alyssa's smiling face. I have been grappling with inspiration and George did inspire me but I am not happy with the lack luster composition nor this actual sketch. Maybe today will be better ?

January 24, 2009

Back to the old man - -

A sketch of the cover wrapper from my Hand.Book Journal.

January 22, 2009

EDM 207 shell

Wow, for some reason Blogger did not want to accept this photo?? Pardon the resolution and general Fog here. I did this sketch rather quickly and loosely which was fun. I have to admit as I reflect on shells they bring back lots of good memories. I believe, like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. ps - and I am back into my handbook journals, I did not like the Moleskine wc landscape book at all!!

VSD January 09

This month's Virtual Sketch Date subject. I wish I could loosen up and get wet and wild - with this subject that is. I think I will try it again, but this is my submission for Saturday.

January 19, 2009

Chinese anyone?

Our line of business is foreign language based - world wide. Funny I have never even considered a related post. I happened upon a business card from china with interesting lettering and bold color - it inspired this post along with a professional language headset.

Long Road

My brother lives in Arizona. Recently he sent me a picture of "the road ahead" as he drove toward Nevada. He Frequently pilots his small plane and captures beautiful scenes as well, but harder to capture perspective on paper .I attempted a sketch. Sure is fun to work from a scene of wide open spaces , quite a departure from New England.

January 16, 2009


The Hammered Player tagged me !!! It took some thought, but I have come up with a picture and 16 things of interest concerning me:
1 -I was born on an Air Force Base . 2 - My husband served on an active Destroyer for two tours of duty in Vietnam. 3 -I have one older brother who is an orthopedic surgeon and one younger brother who is a retired lawyer now a journalist. I missed out on the scholarly gene?! 4 -As a child I could have been called McGiver, constantly constructing /rigging contraptions to get the desired result. I am still rather resourceful. 5 -I scored 100% on a mechanical aptitude test and was told I should study engineering- NOT , I hate math. 6 -The love of my life and I eloped almost 39 years ago= 3 children and 6 grands with identical twins on the way!!! 7 -I am a cancer survivor – having my first battle at age 42 and second at 47 – 8 - I have always ADORED horses, rode a hobby horse down to a nub and collected horse figurines and read Black Beauty a multitude of times. I still adore them- my daughters rode and one competed in the Jumpers so I lived vicariously . We still own Spike who is retired now. 9- I did have auburn hair and freckles and always hated them both. 10 -I believe In the Bible. Spirits, angels, ghosts, whatever you call them, there are other dimensions beyond 5. 11 - I got a tattoo at age 56. 12 -I have always named my autos . We currently have a Bertha, Bean and Ben. 13 - I have traveled across the US by train twice. CA to CT 14 -I was extremely shy as a child, still tend to be. 15 - I bite down into the navel end of an orange to start peeling it. 16 -My Grandmother was engaged to Adlai Stevenson (II), but married his roommate. The women in my family are Unforgettable (for another post)

Ice Ice baby

Colder than cold here today - the ponds will be skate- able this weekend. Reminds me of my days skating on the big pond behind my grandmother's house. Oh I wish I had kept skating.

January 14, 2009

EDM 206 Different Names

Obviously different languages have different words for items, but I am surprised at the English to American oddities. While in London I picked up a little booklet "English to American Translation" . It is amusing and fraught with interesting exchanges, this one was quite sketch-able ;-) Probably floating a bit too much on the left?

January 12, 2009

What if

Others have used this intriguing layout and today I wanted to use it for my own thoughts - And showcase my favorite goose neck lamp by which I often sketch at night.

January 11, 2009

Snow Day

My front yard sugar maple. We were supposed to get more then we did, but at least everything is a fresh white.

Su Casa Friday

It was all good.

January 8, 2009

EDM 205 Soda Can

I think I got carried away with this one, and not enough planning with the layout (as in -0-), OR the Orange-ness of it all got to me!!

Little boxes . . .

January 7, 2009

Another sunny pot

Last January I purchased two gorgeous orchids in full bloom (I could not resist). I suspected they would die after blooming as I have never had the warm, humid, sunny home they demand. I never re-potted them, nor fertilized them, just left them alone in a window sill and watered as they required. Last week, much to my utter surprise I found new flower stems stretching upward - could it be?? Perhaps neglect is the missing element? So today when I spied this tiny flowering orchid in the market - I felt empowered - my January garden grows! ( and I have not done him justice here at all)

January 6, 2009

Hot and Heavenly

A little sketch in this month's Yankee magazine caught my eye - the recipe for the perfect cup of hot chocolate. I had to sketch it - although they recommend small marshmallows for their quickness of melt. I however prefer several large marshmallows that last and melt into the bottom of the cup.

Spot of Sunshine

Ok January is already dreary and I am seeking color and sunshine, I happened upon this little pot at the market -

January 4, 2009

Simple pleasures

Home safe and sound, and then down with a stomach bug - but tonight I feel like sketching and my trusty slippers have comforted me for quite some time - simple pleasures are the best - here I combine two pleasures.

Happy New Year

The first day of the new year we have to clean and pack and close down the house and head back home to CT. I did find a couple of minutes to post a brief tribute to the new year's eve, even though we actually had no champagne.

More Frosty

Frosty congers up all sorts of images this time of year in Maine, I could not help but sketch a few more to tack on to my EDM challenge for this last week of 2008 (even though I could not post until now.) And of course as our holiday week came to an end, the frig filled with leftovers to freeze for later - waste not want not my grandmother always said.