January 27, 2009


My sweet granddaughter picked this little guy out for me about a year ago - his head bobbles and he is fairly true to size. George makes me smile when I think of Alyssa's smiling face. I have been grappling with inspiration and George did inspire me but I am not happy with the lack luster composition nor this actual sketch. Maybe today will be better ?


Debra said...

A gift from your Granddaughter- very precious indeed.
Email me when you have a minute so we can exchange some Maine information.
Burrrr... here in Maine!

Teri C said...

Ah, cute. I have a Webkinz hummingbird that my grand gave me. Arn't we Grams something?!

Margaret Ann said...

It's those little bitty things which always seem to bring such sweet smiles...Nice sketch! :)