February 26, 2007

Bean boots

I was inspired by the LL Bean family biography my hubby got for Christmas. I have these boots and have been to the real LLBean many times so I decided to give them my spin.
They are reliable and rugged and the Real Deal that started the LLBean story. They posed very cooperatively for me.
pencil sketch with WC in moleskine

February 22, 2007

EDM #107 News

This is my local newspaper and comes in the mail two times a week. Behind is the building that housed the entire newspaper headquarters, from reporters to printing presses, to distribution trucks, or at least it did. The building had been abandoned few years ago and fell into disrepair. Because it is deemed an "historical site" there were severe limitations for prospective renovators and printing process had left toxic clean up issues, etc. In 2006 a developer began renovating and adding on creating deluxe condominiums. She looks spanking new with a new huge addition in back as well. Location is right down town and a hop from route US1 and I95. A bit of my local history to add some actual NEWS to my EDM News challenge.
Pencil and ink in Aquabee Super Deluxe sketchbook followed by Watercolor

February 15, 2007

EDM #106?? Sour

Not sure if this is EDM Challenge 105 or 106? I lost track and the challenges have not been numbered lately. I am surprised no one else thought of a dill pickle for this challenge. At first I could only think of lemons, then on to rhubarb (ultimate sour) cranberries, sour cream but when ' pickle' hit me I knew I had to do it. I even trekked out during a snow/ice storm to find a suitable subject, because I was inspired. Well here it is, this was so FUN and I hated to Stop. Luckily I was done because DH started eating them and ruined my arrangement. Pen on moleskin with WC glazes.

February 9, 2007

EDM #105 Scissors

Not thrilled with this entry, but I have to show the good, the bad and the ugly - Busy week at my house, my daughter gave birth to a beautiful son - He is simply perfect but my daughter is struggling with a very low blood count and migraine headaches - BUT all in all a perfectly miraculous outcome.
My vase contains my scrap booking scissors, all cut different edges - they are brightly colored and I decided to give it a go - Spent only 15 -20 minutes and later added some color. Certainly needed more time and effort and skill but I think I can identify them as scissors :-) the bottom pair look like a variety of Parana? Yikes - maybe I need to revisit this EDM challenge when I have caught up on sleep.

February 5, 2007

Venice dream

I am so excited - a good friend and I have decided to 'Wait No More', and plan a trip to Italy this fall. Of course as we plan a 2 week itinerary my mind races to the journal and supplies I will need and all the fabulous sketching I will do - or try to do -

I purchased travel books and such and could not pass up a fabulous pictorial on Italy. I decided to practice from this book on the architectural challenges and colors etc, I live in rural NE and do not have such urban challenges.

This is my first attempt at a gorgeous Venice canal scene - not bad for a first attempt if I do say so myself - done in moleskine with pencil then ink (coward that I am) then wc added in layers as the paper would allow - (non WC paper and quite un-absorbent!)

February 2, 2007

EDM #55 Doorknob

In my effort to catch up with EDM challenges, here is #55 - a perfect challenge inside on a cold winter evening - I decided this is the most interesting door and knob in my home (front door) so I pulled up a chair and spent maybe 10 minutes working on this then added some water color. I have to remember to stop, step away then take another look - then I would have seen the upper deadbolt lock was not in proper perspective. The gold color is adequate considering I only had a basic set of WC - I need to work on glass, the beveled glass is not well represented here. On the other hand, it was fun to depict the wood grain.