October 30, 2008

October 28, 2008

EDM 193 Close Up

Catching up with challenges, my trip keep me too busy to do the EDM challenges, I have not missed one so I HAD to do these.

EDM 194 Baked Potato

Got a little retro with this layout - but I do love a good baked potato skin! There I am caught up with challenges, I am determined to do them all - they often make me stretch a bit.

October 27, 2008

DC Row Houses

As we toured DC into Georgetown the gorgeous row houses appeared, including the famous purple house, just 6 feet wide!! (and just sold for $600,000) So quaint and charming and colorful. We strolled M street and I captured this snippet of row houses/shops - quite an exercise in perspective.

After the Storm

Anita Davis inspired this approach to autumn leaves. We had a fierce storm Saturday night that brought down a vast variety of leaves, a nice way to present a collection. Now of course, the less fun part - Raking!

October 25, 2008

VSD for October 08

Last month I happened upon an interesting site Virtual Sketch Date with a photo posted and all interested could sketch, draw or paint it as they desired and then link to it on their site. This month's subject is an arrangement of three pears. I did this very fast (for me) and looser. A bit sloppy as I try to loosen up overall. Fun projects, check it out.


Another snippet from my sketch book/ DC tour.

Snippits of DC trip

Initially we stayed at the Crown Plaza, and a couple of items caught my 'sketching eye' as I viewed the scene.
This cool chair sat beside the window, it is not exaggerated - this is it !! Reminded me of Alice in wonderland ;-)
Our third day we visited Annapolis - the statue of their mascot "Bill the goat" simply had to be sketched. We moved so quickly there was barely time for photos. A lovely campus with many sketch worthy opportunities - this is what I captured.
Each day I doggedly took my sketchbook and pen/pencils, little was done on site, but as we now leave Crown Plaza and move to downtown DC - the JW Marriott on Penn Avenue, I know I will sketch more. stay tuned!

October 24, 2008

The Lone Sailor statue stands at the official Naval Memorial on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. He stands and looks over the world geography at his feet and is surrounded by flowing water that is collected from the seven seas of the world - filled freshly each spring with a new dedication. !Quite a lovely tribute.

USS Barry DD/933

At the Navy Yard in DC we visited the official museum and toured the USS Barry DD-933 (Destroyer) My Husband served 4 years on a destroyer actively in Vietnam. It is amazing how 300 men live and work in such intensity and tight quarters for months on end.

Washington DC

A week ago we arrived in DC for my husband's Naval reunion. I took lots of pictures as we toured all over DC and Annapolis . I still find it difficult to sketch on site, but I did throw some sketches into my sketch book each evening. I have several more to work on/complete. This sketch is actually my badge and a sketch of the capital as represented in the background of my badge. I certainly simplified the capitol dome here.

October 13, 2008

October 10, 2008

Thank You -Lake Bonaparte

I have finished a few more journal sheets from my recent trip to Lake Bonaparte NY. Workshop instructor/artist Jane LaFazio has posted some photos and sketches as well and I encourage you to visit her blog "and visit a while". This page was done at the Natural Basket shop in Natural Bridge NY, a charming shop encompassing an amazing array of antiques and collectibles as well as hand made baskets incorporating old snow shoes and even antlers - Truly unique and such hospitable people, allowing us to sketch, bringing us fresh coffee, chatting about local history and then of course I shopped there too ;-)
The view of the lake provided endless sketching possibilities. It was an adventure! I had never driven so far by myself, and never seen the upstate New York area before. Such beautiful autumn countryside and I saw my first wind farm as well. This sketch captures the workshop essence - a watercolor adventure shared with great people in a great place.

October 9, 2008

Lake Bonaparte WC Workshop part 3

Last weekend I was fortunate to attend a watercolor journaling workshop in upstate New York with the fabulous artist Jane LaFazio . I have long admired her ink and watercolor style and daydreamed over her accounts of workshops across the country.
I jumped at the chance to attend Jane's workshop on Lake Bonaparte, just east of Lake Ontario and study the lovely NE autumn .
Our hostess was acclaimed photographer/writer Jan Phillips who opened her charming Muse Lodge to us. We shared wonderful wine and food and even toured the lake by boat with Jan at the helm. First mate Don, Jane's charming and most talented husband.
The three Libras, ( sharing birthdays within a week's time) all decked out for a chilly lake tour. Later, back by the fire Jane and Don recounted their travels around the world and Jane's work with underprivileged children in the San Diego area.
(Our work table at the lodge ) We took 2 plien air field trips to the Oswegatchi River and a wonderful basket/antique shop for sketching (and some shopping). We strolled the lake and later worked on mixed media projects at the lodge as Jane demonstrated. I learned several techniques to balance pages, mix colors and even tried collage, wc crayons and explored layouts options.
We left these workshop interpretations for Jan as a thank you -

My wet in wet technique is much improved thanks to Jane . (see previous Lake Bonaparte posts) My weekend turned into an adventure with lasting friendships and invaluable hands on instruction and memories. I now dream of attending her workshop in Tuscany Italy 2010!

Lake Bonaparte, NY on a cloudy /chilly afternoon. Thank you all!

October 8, 2008

Lake Bonaparte Pt 2

Jane gave us options to organize our sketches from the workshop ( all done on 5x7 , 140# WC paper ) I chose to make a neat little folding portfolio to hold my work. This is the outside (can't decide whether or not to fill in the letters with color). The red leaf is real. Several of my sketches were finished and ready to post - so here is the first installment of actual work.

Hummm, printed sideways - but it still a good view - This hand carved wooden sign hangs outside the lodge and this gourd became class favorite and we all sketched it.

We took a field trip to the Oswegachi River, a beautiful river park with a small waterfall, rocky outcroppings, marshy areas and gorgeous autumn trees, we found several interesting wild mushrooms as well - This was my first REAL plein air work, quite challenging with cold weather and wind, just enough to 'rearrange' my supplies frequently and slide things about enough to smudge wet paint, quite a learning experience, but so worth while.

I have more sketches to finish and photographs to load - so stay tuned!

October 7, 2008

Lake Bonaparte Pt 1

Ahhhh, I have just returned from a Plain Jane Studio workshop on beautiful Lake Bonaparte NY, deep in the Adirondack Mountains in mid autumn. I have so much to show and tell and I will share as I can down load and narrate. Obviously, I learned TONS while enjoying great company, food and scenery. But for now I will upload this week's autumn leaf submission ala Jane style ;-)

October 1, 2008

EDM 191 Money - finished

Well I don't think I will venture into counterfeiting, having studied a dollar carefully I realize just how intricate it is - amazing subtle work with so much detail. Of course very little real color. Danny depicted a $20 bill in his Every Day Matter - which inspired this sketch.