May 31, 2007

EDM #121 Coin

A Penny For Your Thoughts ~
I think this may be the only use for a penny now - certainly can't buy anything with a penny. a A new one cost more than a penny to create. They collect every where and they get heavy! So except for finding them lucky (face up only !) or purchasing a thought or perhaps making a wish - what good are they ? BUT --- maybe that bit of luck or a wish is worth much more than a penny?
Pencil, Artline Pen and Watercolor in "Note.Book" Journal - and I added red nails just because I can.

May 30, 2007

Moment of reflection

We are home from a busy trip north to spend Memorial Day weekend with relatives. Only to find that a close friend has lost his 20 year old daughter Kaitlin forever.
A tragedy certainly brings all things into perspective. I found a quiet moment on my porch and I wanted to sketch something reflective, calm, quiet and peaceful.
Life is way too short - - -

Christmas in May?

My wonderful next door neighbor still has her Christmas wreath hanging on the front door of their lovely, stylish, meticulously maintained colonial home ---- a bit tacky we ask?
If you look closely there is a bird's nest in the wreath and it appeared to have two tiny eggs - this is the third year a bird has 'moved in' . Perhaps they should hang a multi-seasonal artificial wreath to cover all the bases??


My brother and wife arrived and among other treks we visited Mystic Seaport - an old whaling port preserved and enhanced as an historical snippet of our ancestors in New England. The weather cooperated all week and was simply glorious. We toured the Charles W. Morgan whaling ship depicted here as well as other ships and touched on some of the surrounded buildings. Lunch was outside along the harbor . I could have sketched here all day but that will have to wait for another visit.

May 22, 2007

Company's Coming !!

Oh Brother, I do not like house cleaning when it is nice weather outside or when I want to sketch ( or ever actually ). My brother and wife from Chicago are coming to visit and I am forced to do spring cleaning - UGH - sketching will probably have to be on the sideline for a bit. As they leave in a few days we head north to visit DH side of the family and I will not have a computer so probably no posting which I will miss. I plan on sketching the beautiful White Mountains of Maine. AND my house should still be clean when we return !

May 21, 2007

Martini 1, 2 & 3?

I love martinis (the specialty kind) and when I saw one posted last week I had to try it - not easy but good practice - and by Friday night I am usually looking forward to ONE. Two is dangerous with me. But which one of my favorites?
I decided on the pomegranate - for health ;-)
Artline pen and watercolor in journal

May 18, 2007

EDM #119 Rocks

With Memorial Day right around the corner I thought of cemetery stones - they count as rocks don't they? My town was established in 1639 so there are some very old graveyards near - I did gravestone rubbings years ago, some stones are extremely graphic and detailed though old and weathered. I only had 15 minutes to work on this and it needed more thought and preparation - Perhaps I will get time to rework it.

May 15, 2007

Geranium - Take 2

Well the darker values and background certainly make a huge difference. Thank you ALL so much for your input. I did as suggested and mixed my red and greens to get a darker background color and reinforced some shadowing. I am stuck with the paper on this particular sketch as it was done in my daily journal - so the whites are not white enough and the white geraniums will never be well represented. It was suggested I color them a pink or red but I decided to leave them and remember this lesson in the future :-) I certainly see more room for improvement but know it will turn to complete mud if I add anything more - so - I learned a ton - got great input and experience that will only help me in the future - and I actually like this version. I spent enough time that I will remember this still life, this moment on Mother's day for a long time ! Thanks you all again so much for input - it is priceless.

May 14, 2007

Geramium #1 -HELP!!!

Ok - it was Mother's Day afternoon, I paused to enjoy my potted geraniums and decided it was a perfect sketch subject although I do not do well in the out-of-doors for some reason. I sketched and added pen definition, then watercolor, ugh - It is sorely needy. Over the last few months I have learned that strong values are key in most subjects. I stopped here before I completely messed this piece up BUT------ What does it need, the white geraniums are lost - the stairs need more depth?? whites need a strong background to stand out but I could not decide on a color- I think the sketch is ok but I want to know what steps are needed to make it strong. ANY advice or criticism is Very Welcome and urgently needed - thanks in advance and I will re-work it and resubmit after advising.

May 10, 2007


What is going on? The invasion continues - Is there a giant red neon flashing sign on my 37 year old home??? First there were insects, then a bat and now nesting squirrels in our 3rd floor eves. Very determined squirrels! My DH followed the AC pipe up the side of the house to the bowling ball size hole the animals had enlarged as their entry - He filled in the hole with expanding foam insulation, capped around the pipe with aluminum and re-wrapped the AC pipe with black insulating foam. There all done ??? NOT The next day everything was ripped off and chewed through as if nothing - so an expert was called in - He determined there is a nest way inside and capped the outside hole with a wire contraption that only allows squirrels to Exit the house Not Enter - The next morning the trap is still in place but somewhat bent. This morning DH actually saw a squirrel leaping on the trap and pulling from the near by dogwood tree - Fingers crossed, so far they have not been able to re-enter - Emphasis on "so far" . I need to put up a NO vacancy sign!

May 9, 2007

JTW Birthday

He is here, a precious bundle of joy.

May 8, 2007


Joseph Thomas arrived this morning 9;30am via C-Section. 8# 4 oz. Mother and baby are beautiful!

May 5, 2007

Cinco de mayo

Fifty of May - good reason to have a frozen Margarita - CT is a long way from Mexico but the holiday is Popular. Did not go any where near a Mexican restaurant but I did have a margarita and yes it was quite good, and . . . . . .
Kentucky Derby day (Mint Julip??) Fun all day long.

May 4, 2007

EDM #117 Round

Round was this week's challenge, I love contemplating what subject I will use in the challenges but this one was not easy. I planned on marbles, but Jana did them so well I was intimidated - I thought about a reflecting ball my mother-in-law just bought me but settled on an eye - my eye, I took a closeup and studied all the variations - I am blue eyed, but there are all sorts of green and gold specs as well as multiple blue shades - so here EYE am.
pencil, pen and watercolor in Hand.Book journal

May 3, 2007

Ok, this winter we had mice and chipmunks making their way into the house. That problem has been solved, Next we had insect infestation on one wall - that is being exterminated, now we had a bat flying about our cathedral family room as we relaxed for the evening. What's next??
Thankfully the bat obliged and exited the open door out ~ rather than heading into the main section of the house. If snakes are next I am moving!!!!
Pen and watercolor in my Hand.Book journal

May 1, 2007

Lilly of the Valley for Gram

May 1 was my grandmother's birthday - One of my fondest memories is picking huge bouquets of these tiny stems for her from a dense patch of lilly of the valley that surrounded a GIANT butternut tree in her back yard. This is for you Gram - pencil followed by watercolor