September 30, 2008

EDM 191 Money - first draft

Here is my rough draft of this week's challenge - I found it fun and very EDMish - now to add some color and verbiage. so in case I ruin it, I have captured the 'bones'.

September 27, 2008

EDM 190 Palette

I have been working up a new palette for some time, A versatile, interesting selection for autumn and the wc workshop I will attend next weekend in upstate New York. This is it- chart and all- loaded into my travel kit and just in time to meet the challenge.

September 26, 2008

Guilford Fair

It took a while to decide what to sketch and get it done. The annual agricultural fair came to town last weekend. lots of sunshine, food, rides, animals, games and memories.

September 24, 2008

First Day of Autumn

It was an absolutely glorious day - and my walk produced a bounty of "finds". The page got a bit overwhelmed but I could not omit any of it.

September 23, 2008

Last of Summer

It seemed fitting to sketch a local shore scene for the last day of summer - This year it flew by with gorgeous sunny weather dominating - cooler and less humid than usual and no prolonged scorching heat waves. Now we are headed into autumn, my favorite season but I must admit this past summer was glorious!

September 22, 2008

Chilly Time

When autumn chill hits I think Chili - My chocolate chili to be exact - and with this assortment of chilies on hand I decided to sketch .

September 20, 2008

EDM #189 Razor

A little still life from my husband's bathroom counter. He uses a safety razor most days but occasionally this electric razor. Sleek and techno but not very colorful so i added the background items.

September 17, 2008

Autumn -so far

In response to Teri and her autumn 'bouquet'. I went out and collected some fallen leaves from the yard. Not much red yet - but it is early in Southern New England. I know the glorious sugar maples will not disappoint, so each week I will collect the most colorful and interesting leaves and sketch. I do Love autumn and this is a fitting tribute - thanks Teri!

September 16, 2008


As autumn nears I purchased some mums and this gorgeous purple kale. Of course I had to attempt a sketch. The lovely ruffled leaves and deep purple pulled me in framed with lovely ruffled blue green outer leaves. It took a few glazes to get the depth I wanted and I admit I got lost in the ruffles but it was fun. I came close to capturing the colors but no matter what I did, the scan would not capture it accurately. I plan on sketching this as it grows taller and view its profile and stalk which can be quite interesting too.

September 15, 2008

Pepper and a Bird

The weekend was humid and rainy thanks to hurricane remnants - but a great opportunity to paint (even if it took longer than usual to dry) I purposely purchased this interesting chili pepper to sketch. After admiring Jane's bird collection (janeville) I decided to add this iron bird . I had fun playing with some green blue mixes although these got a bit darker and muddier than I planned . The bird's base is far wonkier than I saw up close and personal ;-) funny how the next day things pop forward to a discerning eye !

September 12, 2008

EDM 188 peanut

Yes there are peanuts displayed in this sketch - look carefully - but I did concentrate primarily on the processed 'butter ' . As the journal states I love peanut butter as does my DH, kids and our dogs. And peanut butter brings back fond memories .

September 10, 2008

Kandinsky Mug

My new favorite 'evening cup of tea' mug - bright, bold and colorful .

September 8, 2008

A New Day

Late Saturday evening Tropical Storm Hanna hit Connecticut Not as much wind as expected but a lot of rain (4-5" on average here). Power out and a few trees down, lots of leaves and branches but- not bad (although the pool overflowed) considering the damage and injury that a hurricane or T.S. can cause. Then we awoke Sunday to brilliant blue skies and brilliant sunshine as we reviewed the damage. What a difference a day makes - so I bought bright sunflowers to bring the sunshine inside all week.


A jewel of summer, a fresh ear of local corn - sad to Know it will be but a fond memory all too soon.

September 5, 2008

EDM #187 Fan

Funny how a challenge often leads to a memory or perhaps that is part of the 'grand plan'? We are thankful to have AC and with the humidity in New England, but I do love fans.

I recently bought this little old fashioned oscillating fan for my office. As I sketched, I remembered the folded paper fans my grandmother made me during church services.

September 4, 2008

Colin's Magic Wand

EDM has opened my eyes to so much simple beauty that went relatively unnoticed through my busy life as a wife, mother and full time career woman. Yesterday morning as I walked with my daughter and my adorable grandson Colin (age 1 1/2) I enjoyed the company, the exercise, the crisp air and sunshine. Colin needed a stick to orchestrate our walk and he seemed to direct my eye to "finds" along the sidewalk. A most enjoyable walk !

September 3, 2008

Face Time

I love loose watercolor portraits as seen on EDM - and I will never learn if I do not practice, so last night as I watched the news I did some practice. Certainly nothing to get excited over but hopefully I will see improvement some day and - it was fun.

Fun New Toy

A very quick sketch of the Margarita counter for the Labor Day celebration, focus on Doug's new Toy ;-) Have to admit it is a Hit!

What's blooming now?

Ah the lovely old fashioned Rose of Sharon - a shrub (mini tree) that flowers late summer in shades of rose to pink to white and available in single or double blossom varieties.

September 2, 2008

Labor Day Musings

In preparation for a Labor Day Pool Party, I sat and enjoyed my sun room for a bit. The big stained glass parrot caught my eye, shining in the ample sunshine - a sketch was automatic.