September 16, 2008


As autumn nears I purchased some mums and this gorgeous purple kale. Of course I had to attempt a sketch. The lovely ruffled leaves and deep purple pulled me in framed with lovely ruffled blue green outer leaves. It took a few glazes to get the depth I wanted and I admit I got lost in the ruffles but it was fun. I came close to capturing the colors but no matter what I did, the scan would not capture it accurately. I plan on sketching this as it grows taller and view its profile and stalk which can be quite interesting too.


Shirley said...

I love all of the cool things that you sketch - great job on the Kale - especially the ruffles and deepness of color.

E-J said...


I have a real fondness for green with purple. When you see how often the juxtaposition occurs in nature, I guess it's not really that surprising.