August 28, 2008

EDM 186 Always Wanted

I have one distinct dream memory from my childhood, I had wings and flew around and over my house, friends and neighborhood - It was Totally Amazing!!

August 25, 2008

Super Dog

We have two Labrador Retrievers one chocolate (Harley age 10 ) and one black (Bo age 9) They are spoiled rotten and loyal to the bitter end. They are such people dogs, preferring to be at our side 24/7. Harley is extremely intelligent, gentleman-ly and athletic. Bo is the "bo-dozer", pretends to be the alpha dog, needs a baby in his mouth at all times and prefers to lay at our feet rather than retrieve. BUT when it comes to swimming They know they are Water Dogs. This sketch is Harley (almost black when wet) he will retrieve anything until he drops from exhaustion.

August 23, 2008

August Snow?

Ok, no snow, but it felt cold enough at 7 am (low 50s) to warrant snow gear for the ride to work in my convertible. There was a warm jacket worn also, but I have to admit to capris and sandals below the belt. It is still August after all!

August 22, 2008

EDM 185 Cat

Ok - I do not draw my animals very often, and my cat is most uncooperative! Zeke is 12 years old, long haired and black as coal. He is camera shy and when sleeping he resembles a fuzzy bowling ball - So this is my attempt and neither one looks like him at all!

August 20, 2008

Hermit Island, Maine

Another journal page I knew I had to enter. Hermit Island holds such fond memories for me, my family and many friends. My children (now grown) hold our summer camping memories among their dearest. This August my son went back with his wife and two children and their brief adventure was packed with pure family fun in the great out doors. Now this has been scheduled as a yearly trek. Already there are photos and stories and mementos from their first family stay. The ocean, sand, hills, rocks, and tents hold many a surprising delight.

August 15, 2008

Look who came to Dinner

Last of the Maine Vacation sketches- I wanted to practice skies and just have more time to sketch Everyday Matters and I did, I like many of the pages I entered and learned from some of the failures. We head home Friday morning to have a weekend at home to restock and tend the gardens etc. I am rested and ready to go home, satisfied with the days we spent in Maine, and that is the mark of a good vacation, rain and all.
We planted some daisies and Bee Balm, so of course I had to cut one and sketch it in my Maine glass. Fitting finish.

August 14, 2008

Today's Matters

My laptop is sitting on the little kitchen desk next to this 'wilderness' lamp. We have many such items in our Maine house, it is full of conveniences (DSL for one, thankfully) but there are lots of windows looking out on the White Mountains and Sunday River Ski Resort. It is very quiet here. Lots of Green and thankfully lots of sun for the moment. I found this fluffy little feather and brought it in to sketch. These are my Every Day Matters for this moment. I think I do my best work with I view it all through EDM goggles. Life is good.

Summer and Fall

As I munch on wild Maine blueberries (and they are undoubtedly the sweetest anywhere) I also note leaves falling tinged with autumn color. It is in the 60s and brisk, only the blueberries confirm it is still summer in Maine.

August 12, 2008

Oh the Skies we Saw!

My husband is from Maine and we visit often, but very August we take two weeks to drive up the coast visiting friends and hitting our favorite shoreline spots. Usually August is the Best Bet for clear, dry, warm weather - - Not this year. We drove from CT to Kittery, then Freeport to Damariscotta with chilly breezes and some sun but very imposing clouds forming Only a few good days displayed puffy threatening clouds that answered our prayers and kept on moving with their mother lode. Camden on to Belfast and Bar Harbor, Mt Desert Island, Maine. Almost every single day for almost 2 weeks now, we saw this sort of scene (yes I over worked this one quite a bit - shows my angst - probably should have set it out in the rain for a real Wash) This lovely scene we did not view for real this year. Usually Mount Desert Island displays all sorts of fantastic sunsets over Frenchman's Bay . I did this one from memory as this was often our parting scene as we head inland to the mountains to see family. Ahhh maybe next year.

ps - day 10 and it is raining - never made it into the 70 s - I have worn fleece every day so far - they promise tomorrow may be better.

Pencil, some ink, watercolor in my handbook journal and wc molsekine

Early Fall?

Early for such large red rose hips, but then the weather is very fall like too! These are from the wild Rigosa beach roses that are very fierce in thorn but the flowers are so very fragrant. These grow profusely along the shore walk on Mount Desert Island.

Snap Dragons

I adore snapdragons - this blowing blossom caught my eye so I had to steal it for a sketch. Hard to capture, they are quite intricate - and I think the gold over whelms this sketch - but I am trying to find some sunshine some how (clouds and rain EVERY DAY!) Pen, watercolor in my handbook journal.

August 11, 2008

More Dangerous EDM 183

It is amazing what you can see looking down. These berries intrigued me, I have no idea what they are, but I am sure it would be dangerous to try eating them so I am sticking to wild blueberries!! (Bar Harbor Shore Walk) ink and water color in my handbook journal

Best Bathroom View

August 10, 2008

EDM 183 Dangerous

Part of the scenery here on the Maine Coast. The rocks are legendary

August 1, 2008

Pair of Plums

Plums are fun to paint, it took me a while to get the shades I wanted, then build it up with a couple of glazes. I was tempted to make them both very black purple but decided to stop here. I was inspired by the post from Jane's post (of Janeville) EDM is such a fountain of inspiration.

EDM 182 Truck

Lately I seem to be fascinated by old rusty metal. This EDM truck challenge brought me back to the subject when I found this picture of an old, rusty abandoned vehicle. The picture made a bold color statement and I did not quite capture it - I may go back in with some really bold/ sweeping, strong strokes - - - I will need a drink first ;-) A few months ago I did this old truck sketch from a magazine photo. I really like rust and blue combos.