September 30, 2011

Everyday Paris

Another page from my Imaginary Trip to Paris with Laure Ferlita. Enjoying the sights, food and museums. Sure wish I was there!

September 23, 2011

Wandering Paris

My Imaginary Trip to Paris continues. Lots of fun and laughs with a great bunch of artists and Laure Ferlita (our host). This week we are touring Versailles, and WOW! The assignment was to pick a scene and do a time sketch (the time up to us). I am striving to learn fast sketch techniques and I am happy to say I am!! I allowed 10 minutes for a quick pen only sketch of the framework and scribbles of the art within of this CEILING view (yes the ceiling is jaw dropping gorgeous). 10 minutes for paint concentrating on VALUES. then 10 or so for text 'back at our hotel'. Sorry my text scanned so faintly - need to up my pen sizes. There are more pages to post, as soon as I have time ;)

September 8, 2011

Imaginary Trip to Paris - Crypt

Laure Ferlita hosts Imaginary trips to wonderful places ( and a troupe of fabulous journal sketchers have just arrived in Paris, myself included. I highly recommend the course for its fun, creative atmosphere with new learning curves around every corner.
Here is my first post from a highly unlikely location: Pere lachaise Cemetery (timed - only 35 minutes allotted) -
I love Paris and my last visit I was a newbie journaler, this trip I am raring to go (and prepare for my Paris trip next spring!)

September 2, 2011

IRENE - day 6

Sloppy mish/mash page as I strive to record some of what surrounds me from Irene remnants. the direct shoreline is so much worse with major devastation than we are. Power companies are struggling to get schools open (already eating up "snow" days). finally there are some gas stations open and a few restaurants and the grocery store. Thee are water refill stations and pot luck suppers here and there, many Good Neighbors. We are lucky Irene was only a TS at time of impact but enough is enough. AND rain and humidity are coming for the holiday weekend - Yipee!

September 1, 2011

Everyday Objects - Last

Day 5 and still no power, at least enough trees are removed that we can navigate the town pretty well (to search for gas, ice, food ;-) Work has power and it is good to be in a normal environment for a time each day. It does appears the main route through town (Rte 1) is getting power gradually so we see hope. We are better off than many with a generator and enough food and a well that Will flush our toilets. But this is getting Old. I need more wine!