January 30, 2007

EDM Challenge #104 Salt and Pepper shakers

These 'grinders' sit on my kitchen table, I thought they were quite interesting to sketch but found that clear acrylic and silver are quite challenging :O so Yes this was a real challenge, especially since my current journal dislikes WC so vehemently. The two sketched out well but were rather flat and light did not do much to them - they needed a little definition so I attempted a shadow wash - almost impossible - at any rate I am actually quite happy how they turned out - a background color statement or at least some table color would have helped but not an option with WC here. - I guess this moleskine will have to be allocated to strictly sketching.

January 29, 2007

EDM 82 - Work Space

Actually, I do not have a real art workspace - my office has a whole wall of books (many on art) and my journals (2 completed and many new) and a shelf full of paints, brushes and the other hoardings of an art junkie - I have an easel with an acrylic canvas I started a good year ago and various files on style samples and unframed prints I admire.
My true working art space is a corner of my kitchen table - this sketch represents that corner and my essential items . As an EDM'er I sketch on the go and unless there is a 'still life' that is pose-able at the table I am not here ;D
So in an effort to catch up on challenges - here is #82 , done in a new moleskine which I now find out will not accept any WC except for the smallest dab left in a puddle to sit and dry. Oh well, I like the journal in every other respect.
I simply cannot find the perfect journal for me and will be making my own soon.

January 24, 2007


This poinsettia is so pretty sitting on my office desk - This year's plant was very happy with its position and had not dropped even one leaf. Usually I am lucky to keep them alive through Christmas - I tried to capture the depth of color but find I cannot create a deep dark red with my current watercolors. I decided to liven things up with some spattering MY FIRST time, it was fun and I could get unruley with it ;-) pencil on moleskine then WC washes which buckled the non WC journal.

January 21, 2007

My buddies

EDM #44 Draw an animal This is Bogart and Harley my labrador retrievers, my boys - I found these pen and inks I did a couple of years ago as I was cleaning out my work space - They are fairly good replicas I did from photos. I carefully worked out the sketches in pencil as I recall then worked in pen strokes. Now I can see areas that still need work.

January 12, 2007

EDM #101 Bar of Soap

I have a selection of unusual soaps, by scent, color and composition - lovely to set out for guests. Of course I rarely use them . For this EDM #101 I selected two contrasting bars and placed them in a white plate to study. I sat them on the table and looked down at the angle represented in the photo. After sketching, I wished I had viewed them from a more level angle - BUT - the bars are fairly represented. I also tried to create the plate solely with shadows. An interesting study as almost all EDM challenges are for me. pencil followed by watercolor washes on non watercolor moleskine sketchbook

January 5, 2007

EDM #100 Landscape

I have to admit, I do not like doing landscapes, they intimidate me; where to start, what to concentrate on, what to eliminate, what to enhance - I just tend to overwork them, so I do not do them. This EDM forced me to take time and work on a real landscape. This is a salt marsh a short distance from my home. New England is full of meadows and marshes and pines and trees and rock walls. The salt marsh is coastal of course - The tree was fun and had quite a bit of character so I added a close up of it as well as the rock wall - Rock walls are a study in themselves and I will have to work on one in depth. WC Molskine, pen and WC wash.

January 4, 2007

EDM #39 Toothbrush

These EDM challenges are so fun and encourage an artistic eye toward the seemingly ordinary. There is potential art everywhere. (also reminds me I need to set up a dentist appt) I vow to catch up with the past challenges as I work on the current challenges .(mini 2007 resolution) molskine journal (not wc) with pen sketch then wc wash