June 29, 2007

EDM #125 Bird

My attempt at tropical parrots - they always fascinate me, sitting so regally on their perches. Done rather quickly pencil pen and WC in my note.book journal.

June 26, 2007

New Can

New can, new post. I used to hate attempting metal, now it is fun! Not great at it but I like what I see so there is improvement.

June 25, 2007


Just alittle fun with color, the flowers are so bright and beautiful it is a challenge to get any where near the original. Pen and WC in Note.Book journal

Blue Vase

Practice, practice, practice and patience - I so love the loose light watercolors often depicted, and I tend to over work and over fuss and over detail a sketch to achieve the look. Inspired by Ronell's encouragement (africantapestry) I gave this a try. Not to bad, not quite as loose as I would have liked BUT, I did save my whites, I did keep the greens simple and unfussy and I did force myself to wait for portions to dry before proceeding and I did find I need a transparent yellow (I do not have one?) So I need more practice, but maybe, just maybe I will learn to achieve what I love so. Fabriano extra white paper and watercolor

June 20, 2007

black-eyed-susan #2

Attempt number 2 - I used a different wc journal (strathmore, which I did not like at all) and 3 different primaries . I pencil sketched the now open black-eyed-susan from a different angle. I am happier with the flower itself, (although now I see the two side leaf-ettes stick out perpendicular which is odd) The vase and water seemed overworked last night, but scanned, it does not look too bad. The big single leaf I still hate, I cannot seem to work well with greens. So there is progress and I still need to search for a journal batter with watercolor. I think I will try a bouquet next. Feel free to advise- please!

June 19, 2007

EDM #124 Yellow (1st try)

My rather lame attempt at a budding black-eyed-susan - AND I did not know the EDM challenge this week is Yellow ! I am fairly happy with the vase but could not get what I wanted in the flower, so of course -I over worked it! As always I learn from every attempt. The water/vase I worked very wet and planned for some white, the 3 primaries I used did not make a nice green and I was stuck with it (or so I thought) and I tried to repair it and that does not work, plus the paper is just plain journal paper and that did not help. I am almost finished with this journal and will probably use the Fabriano Artistico Moleskine (I reloaded) for my next journal. I will try this one again as I have many black-eyed-susans ;-) For those interested I chose New Gambouge, Cobalt blue and Cadmium red (and YES I will experiment with 3 pigments to see if I like the results First - I always do rush things -and Please suggest anything that I should do to improve overall )

Game On

What a great Father's Day we had - Fun with our son and his wife, daughter and son, beautiful weather, good food, lots of cheering and - - - - - - - - -
We Won!!!

June 16, 2007


Just a little sketch of my hubby's desk as I reflect on what a fantastic father he is. Tomorrow is Father's day and we are off to Boston for a ball game, I will try to get a post up for all those Red Sox fans ;-)

June 15, 2007

EDM 123 Bell

As electronics have invaded our lives bells have disappeared. I love the sound of church bells and nautical bells and Christmas is full of bells. For this challenge I remembered the brass bell on the outside wall of our side "breezeway" entrance. This bell has been here forever and occasionally someone pulls the braided rope and it gives a loud clang. Brass I believe and tarnished for sure. Rightly posted in my journal pages as my grown children will remember this bell forever. Note.book journal Artline pen and watercolor

June 12, 2007

Busy Bees

I will never look at bees the same way after being attacked. Bee stings hurt and multiple White Faced Hornet stings hurt for days -
Bottom line - Weeding is dangerous

June 11, 2007


With a weekend more or less to myself I thought I would find time to do lots of sketching . I did spend time practicing some techniques but no real work worth posting. Yesterday I found myself reflecting on this hummingbird feeder my husband bought for me, so I decided to sketch and journal. The feeder is pretty accurately sketched , but then how to place it in a setting?? Anyway this is it for now.

June 8, 2007

EDM #122 shade

I interpret this challenge as shadow and found this cool picture of a spider and her web and the resulting shadow - It seemed like a nice variation from what I have been doing lately. My journal's paper did not like the heavy wash so I did not achieve the depth of darkness I wanted - but here it is.

June 6, 2007

Red Light

Oh- Oh - red lights are not good, my SUV is getting old and even though I love it - I think the end is coming. Overheating for no reason is not good.

Artline pen and watercolor in Hand.Book journal

June 5, 2007

Cactus for Teri

As I passed a local nursery Sunday I did a double take on the two huge cacti outside the entrance - upon closer inspection I discovered they are actually trained evergreens clipped and nurtured into the shape of a 8' cactus. Immediately I thought of Teri and her Cactus Mondays - so on Monday I sketched this for Teri - a talented EDMer and cheerleader to all.
Artline pen and watercolor in "note.book" journal

June 4, 2007

This little piggie went to dinner

Boy I feel like a pot belly pig lately. It has been a hard winter into spring, with 2 girls at work pregnant (and eating !!) and my thyroid problems (now resolved) and a basic penchant to EAT I am most unhappy with my weight.
I must get back into the gym regularly and make healthier choices and Just Do It!
Artline Pen and Watercolor in "note.book" journal

June 2, 2007


Services were Saturday for a sweet young girl. I pray she is at peace.

June 1, 2007

My cup of tea

Now I Love a good Hot cup of black coffee and Yes I Need it for that matter, but by noon I want tea. This is a quick sketch of my favorite cup purchased at Bar Harbor Maine some years ago and my favorite Stash Chai tea - There is something so civilized about a hot cup of tea in the afternoon. So here it is to add to my memory sketchbook
Artline Pen, watercolor in Note.Book journal