October 27, 2011

Where Have I BEEN?

I have been AWOL - I know . Of course it is presumptuous to think anyone misses my posts. But, hey if you are here maybe you did miss me a little ? Life gets hectic at times, there has been some traveling with my husband, and the usual work, and house work and chores etc. But - - I have found a new lover (gasp!) For my birthday I got a new 'big girl' Nikon digital camera and it was love at first click. The combination of 10 adorable grandkids, 2 new puppies and the New England fall foliage brought to my attention how miserable my little point and shoot camera is. And my sketching needed a break, I felt a little burned out and a break can re-juice the battery. So a month has flown by. So between reading several books on Real Photography and finally trying to understand my Photoshop Elements beyond the 'quick fix' panel - I did a sketch. Just a little black and white - of my new lens ( wide angle) so I can take some goulish picture of the little gobblins coming soon. My blog is going to morph into a more eclectic montage, some photos (surprise surprise), some life updates and yes still sketching. I want to diverse and experiment and enjoy it all more. Hey I may throw in some recipes I love! Hope you will continue to come visit and comment and join in my fun. Thanks to all who have and hopefully will! Sandy (myfiddlestix)

October 2, 2011

Griffin's view of Paris

Griffin's view of Paris, originally uploaded by My Fiddlestix.

My Imaginary trip to Paris continues, and the view from atop Notre Dame is manifique !
40 min sketch (time limits set). Now i'll add my text. Great class to get journal entries down quickly.