January 29, 2007

EDM 82 - Work Space

Actually, I do not have a real art workspace - my office has a whole wall of books (many on art) and my journals (2 completed and many new) and a shelf full of paints, brushes and the other hoardings of an art junkie - I have an easel with an acrylic canvas I started a good year ago and various files on style samples and unframed prints I admire.
My true working art space is a corner of my kitchen table - this sketch represents that corner and my essential items . As an EDM'er I sketch on the go and unless there is a 'still life' that is pose-able at the table I am not here ;D
So in an effort to catch up on challenges - here is #82 , done in a new moleskine which I now find out will not accept any WC except for the smallest dab left in a puddle to sit and dry. Oh well, I like the journal in every other respect.
I simply cannot find the perfect journal for me and will be making my own soon.


Teri C said...

Gee, we have the same kind of workspace! I end up storing things in a cabinet and using them whereever the mood strikes me. I am so happy other art junkies do this :)

Renate said...

Hey, I have the same little watercolor box :)