May 30, 2007

Christmas in May?

My wonderful next door neighbor still has her Christmas wreath hanging on the front door of their lovely, stylish, meticulously maintained colonial home ---- a bit tacky we ask?
If you look closely there is a bird's nest in the wreath and it appeared to have two tiny eggs - this is the third year a bird has 'moved in' . Perhaps they should hang a multi-seasonal artificial wreath to cover all the bases??


Desiree said...

I love your sketches, I think its interesting that the birds are able to nest on a door, that should be opened and shut once in awhile. Don't they go out much?

Sandy said...

Funny Desiree - actually the front door is the formal entrance and not used as often as the side door and the owner forbids anyone using this door while the bird nests ! Thanks for looking and taking the time to comment :-)

Serena said...

Lovely sketch, Sandy! I love that your neighbours are so caring not to disturb the bird nesting.