October 25, 2008

Snippits of DC trip

Initially we stayed at the Crown Plaza, and a couple of items caught my 'sketching eye' as I viewed the scene.
This cool chair sat beside the window, it is not exaggerated - this is it !! Reminded me of Alice in wonderland ;-)
Our third day we visited Annapolis - the statue of their mascot "Bill the goat" simply had to be sketched. We moved so quickly there was barely time for photos. A lovely campus with many sketch worthy opportunities - this is what I captured.
Each day I doggedly took my sketchbook and pen/pencils, little was done on site, but as we now leave Crown Plaza and move to downtown DC - the JW Marriott on Penn Avenue, I know I will sketch more. stay tuned!


Plain Jane said...

hey, did you see I did a hotel room iron too! Great minds...ha ha.

C. Johnson said...

do you ever sell any of your work? copies? i am quite thrilled, finding this blog and your art by accident.