October 9, 2008

Lake Bonaparte WC Workshop part 3

Last weekend I was fortunate to attend a watercolor journaling workshop in upstate New York with the fabulous artist Jane LaFazio . I have long admired her ink and watercolor style and daydreamed over her accounts of workshops across the country.
I jumped at the chance to attend Jane's workshop on Lake Bonaparte, just east of Lake Ontario and study the lovely NE autumn .
Our hostess was acclaimed photographer/writer Jan Phillips who opened her charming Muse Lodge to us. We shared wonderful wine and food and even toured the lake by boat with Jan at the helm. First mate Don, Jane's charming and most talented husband.
The three Libras, ( sharing birthdays within a week's time) all decked out for a chilly lake tour. Later, back by the fire Jane and Don recounted their travels around the world and Jane's work with underprivileged children in the San Diego area.
(Our work table at the lodge ) We took 2 plien air field trips to the Oswegatchi River and a wonderful basket/antique shop for sketching (and some shopping). We strolled the lake and later worked on mixed media projects at the lodge as Jane demonstrated. I learned several techniques to balance pages, mix colors and even tried collage, wc crayons and explored layouts options.
We left these workshop interpretations for Jan as a thank you -

My wet in wet technique is much improved thanks to Jane . (see previous Lake Bonaparte posts) My weekend turned into an adventure with lasting friendships and invaluable hands on instruction and memories. I now dream of attending her workshop in Tuscany Italy 2010!

Lake Bonaparte, NY on a cloudy /chilly afternoon. Thank you all!


Shirley said...

This looks like great fun - but COLD out on that lake! I'm really enjoying seeing what you did and would love to hear how Jane presented the topic. I promise I'll tell you all about Danny's class.

Teri C said...

Oh Sandy, it sounds so fabulous!!! Just fabulous. I think I am jealous! Just fabulous! :)

Linda said...

What a WONDERFUL day! :-)

Plain Jane said...

great pics, great people!! congrats on driving 7 hours by yourself, too. I've never done that! I'm soooo glad you were there Sandy, and I PLAN on seeing you (and maybe your husb too) in Orvieto Italy 2010!