September 28, 2010


Finally home! Still have sketches to finish and texting though. Our Bi-Coastal trek is over, a whirlwind of activity, sights and fun . Both the Pacific and Atlantic northwest coasts share so much; and ocean of course, but also the rugged rocky shoreline, terrific flora and fauna and the fog and rain to support it all and great people. Of course the coast of Maine also has Horrific storms (hurricanes) and SNOW (plus my beloved lobsters) All in all we have a fabulous country with so much to see and explore and now I have even More left on my must see list!


Anonymous said...

I really really love your journals and sketches .. so inspiring and beautiful

Effy said...

Oh, so beautiful.

Tahirih said...

I love your sketchbooks! I'm from the west coast, but of B.C. My town got hit with a terrible flood, but I bet it's still as beautiful as your paintings. I haven't been able to get home yet because our only road is of the hazards of living on the coast I guess:)