February 11, 2008


Bec, from 'A Drawing A Day' http://oobos.blogspot.com tagged me . I thank her for visiting my blog and wishing to know more about me!! Now I must confess 5 things about myself EDM does not know: Humm - my blog has revealed a great deal about me and my life but - ok I have dug up five more : 1)I was born on an Airforce base and traveled about for many years as my father's career demanded. I am lucky to have seen so much of the country but I did attend 3 first grades (not three times but three schools in one year) and I will never be proficient at the multiplication tables as I just missed some of them somewhere along the way ! I was always the new girl in class and that contributed to a shy personality. 2)Being quite fair, I have freckles across my nose/cheeks , which I hated . As a child I was told they are 'kisses from the sun ' which helped a bit, but to this day I do not like my freckles when they appear (instead of a tan :) Now if they would only connect I would have a great tan! 3)I have always been obsessed with horses - read Black Beauty a dozen times, rode a hobby horse to Death and collected horse figurines - when my daughter wanted a horse we got her one. She lived and breathed horses and rode competitively and I lived vicariously. I also rode for a few years when she left the horse in my care as she left for college.Then I found out I would die if I didn't quit trying. But Ahhh it was fun and I lived the dream. 4)I scored a perfect 100% on a mechanical apptitude test my senior year of high school, which still mortifies me - how could a student who loves art do such a thing?? Horrors, but I hate and fail at math see #1. 5) Much to the disgust of my children, I LOVED the taste of spent matches (yes I know it is gross , but as a child I craved them and Yes I ate them out of my grandmothers ash tray) I also LOVE the smell of pumping gasoline, magic markers, and licorice AND black olives -I once received a case of them for my birthday. Ok, I am boring and weird - so now I tag 5 artists I love and wish to learn more about: Sketchalina http://www.flickr.com/photos/93526285@N00/ Great travel sketches, lovely homeland scenes and a fun attitude, For some time she was AWOL and I am Very Glad she is back. Rightside's Photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/92439741@N00/ always a lovely, thoughtful journal page, I truly feel as though I know her and her family and always look forward to her entries. The Clothesline and Other Laundry Lists http://myclothesline.blogspot.com/ Again, always fun entries and a joy to read the links. These posts always brighten my day. gabi campanario's photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/baconvelocity/ Fun city sketches, people on the move and his style is quick and yet detailed. always a nice departure from my post style and one I hope to do on the move. An Artist's Journey http://laurelneustadter.blogspot.com/ Another artist with loads of interesting posts and a fresh style, always a joy to check out. So there, list five artists to tag and reveal 5 things about yourself. There are sooooo many others I love to visit, most of them have been tagged in the past so I give them a pardon here. As a community EDM is the best, in support, instruction, inspiration and friendship !!! I thank you all !! Keep sketching and Post MORE!


Teri C said...

Sandy, you ate burnt matches??!! now that is beyond weird :). I wonder what was lacking in your diet that caused you to do that. But then again, you like the smell of gasoline-you are funny.

These are really fun things to learn about you. Isn't it something what we think about when doing these! I have to do mine tomorrow, but I can guarantee they won't be as interesting as yours :)

Thanks for sharing.

bec said...

Interesting and amazing Sandy! --you ate burnt matches? yikes! maybe you should be one of those "fire eaters" in Vegas.
I have to admit -- as a kid we walked to school past a gas station and we ALL loved the smell of gasoline!!! and the pretty iridescence colors of gas floating in a puddle. Tooooo funny!