November 30, 2006

EDM #41 City Landmark

This is 'grass island" a quaint cottage, long deserted, sitting at the mouth of our harbor on Long Island Sound - our town was established in 1639 which makes it only 3 years younger than the first new england settlement. There are lots of old homes and even a light house off shore but I chose this scene for EDM #41 - I can sit comfortably in my car at the dock with this view of the grass island cottage. It s a gorgeous calm day and quite pleasant to sit and sketch. Once home I worked in some watercolor trying not to overwork the piece. ( as I always seem to do) First sketched in my journal with pencil then wc wash.


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful drawing, Sandy! It's the kind of loose style I admire the most, but can't achieve it myself, no matter what I try.
What is especially good about this drawing is that the cabin has all the detail to help us focus on it as it is the important element in the drawing. The rest of the drawing is nice and loose.
I absolutely love this! Nice work, Sandy!

Alison said...

How amazing that it is not 'claimed' and done up by someone. Lovely little sketch

seesue said...

This is such a delightful picture. I've only popped in to EDM for a quick moment before work and now I know why I was drawn here today. Thanks so much for the wonderful calm entry into my day.

Teri C said...

I absolutely love this scene!!