December 1, 2006


Ahhhh horses, I have alway loved horses. Black Beauty was my very favorite book, I had horse figurines as a child and a hobby horse was the best toy I can remember from childhood.

My third child, a daughter, shared this love and rode competitively for years (doing timed course jumping) . I was brave enough to take riding lessons in my 40s and loved it, even managed to ride our "jumper" to a decent trot. It was sheer joy, BUT a couple of simple tumbles revealed my age and fragility and I could not develop the tremendous strength needed to actually ride securel.

Alas, I now only have those fond memories. Our horse is retired now - I pay his board because No Way I could sell him any more than I could sell my child.

My husband bought me a gorgeous pen and ink scene of horses outside a stone NE barn feasting on dinner (hay) and I worked up this tiny part of that picture of this gorgeous warmblood. Ah I still geat a warm feeling from their faces - Winston Churchill once said "nothing is as good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse".

Ink and watercolor wash in sketchbook

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Teri C said...

What a beautiful drawing!! The horse eating that hay is just perfect. You have definitely depicted your love of horses! I love this.