May 26, 2009

EDin May 23 (oops out of order)

Saturday before Memorial Day my husband and I took his 88 year old mother to buy flowers for her home and the 7 gravesites they decorate. The small nursery was full of color and life. This small garden globe stake caught my eye, set against the backdrop of white azalias. I didn't save enough white to truly capture the light of the globe.
Our house was full (six grandkids ages 6 to 2 and 6 adults) so it was very active. I now need to add some journaling to capture the full day's events.


Anna T. said...

Nie painting - nice color contrasts too!

KB said...

wow, sounds like a busy, but fun day! lovely illustration ... i keep thinking about buying one (or two or three or more) for my yard, but mainly just so i can draw them.

freebird said...

It looks like glass and it looks transparent. I think you did just fine.