December 12, 2006

Me # 3

In reading Danny Gregory's 'Everyday Matters' and 'Creative License' he does self portraits as does his father (daily if you can believe it) . I find so much inspiration and insite in both books and I look to them for guidance regularly. For me humans the hardest to capture at least to the point of recognition . I am the only subject I can get to hold still for long so I decided to do my face once a month and view progress. This sketch was motivated by another EDM listing using crayons, it seemed fun and although it does not capture 'me' I am happy with the lesson. pencil sketch followed by WC crayons in moleskine journal


Sir William said...

I like it !

Anonymous said...

This is great. I always like to see
people do self portraits. It is such good practice and the live model is free and ready when you are!

Fanta said...

I am loving this self portrait. There is so mch energy radiating out of it.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to draw people and it is very hard. I like the colors in this one. Good Job.