December 4, 2006

EDM #1 Shoe

This was my first attempt at my shoes. Also one of my first attempts at watercolor. These are my trusty LL Bean loafers, very comfortable and versatile. I did a pencil sketch first then a light color wash. I later came back to add some depth and shadow and define the woven lacing. Not a work I am at all satisfied with but this is a learning process and I hope some day to look back and see major progress.


Anonymous said...

You did a great job on this. I think watercolor is not a very fogiving medium so I don't do much of it yet. These look really good.

Keron Lee said...

Hi there Sandy - new to EDM flickr I was first led here by your fabulous leaves - but I decided to take a journey with you & have, over the last few hours, read all the way back to EDM no 1 - shoes. that's where I am today - No 1 - shoes. I wanted to prove to myself what I know to be true - practice, practice, practice - I think that your paintings are amazing - but I can see that it is in the crucible of practicing daily that your eye and your skills have been refined. This has given me GREAT encouragement. Thank you so much for taking the time to blog...... I know it's an effort.... AND for the hope that your journey has given me - I am off to draw a shoe! hugs Keron Lee, Melbourne Australia. (aka The Colourguru)