December 31, 2006

EDM #99 Resolution

I thought long and hard about this New Year's resolution and the EDM challenge that accompanited it. At my age I have made all the regular declarations but this year I wanted to be very serious. It occured to me that the only real thing I need to concentrate on is - time - Because I work full time, have a growing brood of grand children, and a big house and garden and I love to do so many things I end up with little time to do any one thing well. Now I adore sketching and experimenting with color. I love this EDM group and my vow is to make signifigant daily time to nurture this love and hopefully grow and leave bits of myself through my art journal. As far as a detailed plan- I will work on this as I expand my time and probably follow others. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.


Teri C said...

Sandy, this is a wonderful goal and what a great sketch of the 'time'. I know you will do it and I look forward to seeing more from you during 2007.

Isn't it funny how art just takes over your life?!

Lin said...

OH can I relate! GREAT resolution/goal -- may we all achieve it!! HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR and I look forward to more of yoru wonderufl art!

Karen said...

Time is the one thing we can never have too much of, isn't it?

I wish you health, happiness, creative freedom and the time to enjoy them all in 2007!

Alison said...

very interesting perspective - it would be so 'natural' to put the face front on, and you haven't.