December 18, 2006

EDM #7 bottle or jar

These pretty little bottles are from my bathroom. The pink perfume bottle my daughter gave me, the middle is Shalimar parfume and the right is a ring holder of swirling blown glass - they are bright and cheerful and I tried to capture that - Pencil sketch followed by water color washes in my moleskine journal.


Michael Emerald said...

This is an interesting painting because it's on the edge of what I'm onto: dreamy impressionistic interpretations of fairly nice perfume bottles. What you painted looks fine, particlularly the soft coloration. If you do more like this, let me know. And if you do, consider adding an impressionistic background since that's what I myself am after so I'm curious how you go about it. Thanks for painting. Happy Holidays.

Lin said...

LOVELY! The swirly painting reminds me of the bounce of light off such objects and how difficult it can be to capture. I think you did a marvelous job on these!!!