December 6, 2006

Terror Machine

Oh Lord, I know I am not alone, this thing is Evil - Like many I have fought the battle FOREVER and of course this time of year (holidays) is even harder. The EDM challenge this week is "Something Sweet" and my mind turns to Chocolate, Cookies, Candy and Cake (the terrible C's) That brought this sketch to mind and I had to post it to remind myself "I Will Not Gain 10 Pounds this Christmas" Actually sketching and dabbling in watercolor distracts me and I cannot eat while sketching ;-). I will work up a proper challenge for 'Something Sweet', probably tonight- But, here is my monster which will loom very close to that demon sugar entry to come next. Simple pen on sketchpad


Anonymous said...

Outstanding - the antithesis of "sweets"! Good work on this.

SCquiltaddict said...

GOOD NaME...will have to remember that one...:>