August 16, 2011

Full Sturgeon Moon

Last Saturday, we were at the marina to check the boat and go to dinner. It was about 8 pm as we left and still twilight - and although storm clouds were moving in, the moon shone brightly above the harbor. A beautiful sight and I knew it would become a sketch. I finished it last night and just before going to bed I added the text using my new Lami Joy calligraphy pen - oops, did not realize I had loaded blue ink - and stupidly I just dove into the text. Certainly not what the page needed, I need to slow down and not hurry as I often do when I think I am late. Oh well live and learn -maybe.

1 comment:

Teri C said...

Isn't it funny how we know a sketch when we see it. Imreally like the black and white with the moon peeking through.