August 30, 2011

Irene Part 1

Quite a stint - 3 days down and Many to go. This afternoon I managed to get to my office (long backtracking route to find clear roads) and Miraculously it has power And internet! Miracle - well it is inland from home. We are all fine, I managed one spread which sums up our Irene weekend - except I did not mention the Huge tree that decided to fall on our neighbor's house instead of ours YIKES. We still have a long haul to get power and get any sense of normal tho - Thanks so much for all the well wishes, and I hope other's fared well too!


Lin said...

Holy Moly!! I"m so glad you're okay!!! And at least you found a place with power and internet ... prayers continue!

~Suzanne~ said...

Sandy, I guess I didn't realize (or forgot this important detail) that you lived in Conn.
Living is Florida I can appreciate all that you have gone through.
Glad it came out OK in the end.
Your page is SO appropriate...a forever memory.

Teri C said...

Thank you for this post Sandy, which depicts irene so well. I was worried about you knowing you were in the path.
When we had the tornado this spring, 2 trees fell on the house next door so I know how thankful you feel.

Stay safe.