March 15, 2007

Strawberry field -Lesson 4 WC class

My Kate Johnson online Watercolor class is progressing well - I realize I will always be learning and exploring. I certainly have my frustrations but wanted to blog this sketch I just submitted today as my landscape for Lesson 4 . I chose to use only three primaries, Fr. Ultramarine Blue, Cad. Yellow and Burnt Sienna (for the red). This is a local dormant strawberry field with rows covered in straw. The yellow did not scan as true as it actually is - but overall I am pretty happy with this piece. I need to work on my sky as this is not as strong as I intended. pencil sketch on 140# WC paper and W&N watercolors

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mARTa said...

This is really nice and fresh looking. I agree with you about deepening the sky as it will bounce the eye back down to the fields. You should be very proud of this!