April 12, 2007


My husband has been sick and the first sign is He Cannot drink coffee. Horrors! He travels a lot and coffee certainly helps him stay awake and focused, and my son is the same. And not just any coffee, they are both partial to Duncan Donuts' coffee which in New England, is on every corner. At home we grind and make great coffee like this Allegro (wonderful) but there is something about that glorious styrofoam cup that he Has To Have regularly.

This is my ode to him. as I sit and look at his cup today - He feels better .


Africantapestry said...

I too love my coffee and that is the first thing to go when I am sick(fortunately that hapens only once every 4 years!)
Nice drawing of every day stuff...I love those hands you did...is it your interpretation or do they look like that on the packet?

phthaloblu said...

Nice job! I'm more partial to tea, but my hubby drinks coffee and he is the same way. I love the smell of freshly ground coffee.