April 19, 2007

Train to Grand Central

Off I go - Decided to sketch the train and Lord that is hard, the perspectives are complex and all that bumping and twisting, I got nauseous - thank God I was working in pencil ;-) My hat is off again to the subway sketchers. Trains are rather boring and I could not see any faces clearly. Once I got home I could flesh out the sketch and add water color - not a bad depiction, at least I know it is a train seat. Now on to NYC.


Africantapestry said...

I do like this, Sandy. sometimes when perspectives and realism don't work out, they produce the most interesting and artistic results, making for a unique painting or sketch or drawing....and this is such a time...I find it much more fascinating than if it would've been perfectly recreated!
Nice work

phthaloblu said...

NIce job, Sandy! I agree with Ronell about the perspective. This turned out really nice. How do you remember what colors to use when you add the washes later? Is your memeory that good, or do you just logically choose? Either way, it's a great sketch.