October 30, 2007

Italy 2007

We took an overnight train from Burcey Station in Paris to Florence, Italy - quite an adventure - and a story for another time ;-0.
We arrived in Florence at 7;30 am. A taxi was hard to find but we eventually made it to our hotel the J&J on Via d Mezzo. As we waited in their lobby for our room's preparation - I had to sketch the ceiling . The Italians certainly know their arched/domed ceilings!
Our quaint room overlooked the breakfast courtyard and I attempted to sketch it - Rather fussy results and I should have tried it again - but too much else to see and do !
The Duomo is the center of Florence and quite a presence it is!! We were frequently lost and searching for a glimpse of the Duomo to get our bearings. With narrow streets and buildings 3 floors or so high it was often hard to find the Duomo. It is so gorgeous and so old (1100AD) and simply an amazing sight glistening in the Sun.
On our 3rd open air double decker bus tour we saw the major sites of Florence and touched on the amazing history and headed up into the hills of Fiesole - the Beverly Hills of Florence. Breathtaking views of Florence and the tuscan hills beyond. At the top of Fiesole stands this tower and we sat long enough to get a basic sketch. This area definitely deserves more time.
More Florence sketches to come later Then on to Roma!


Dee said...

These are great sketches of Florence. Oh, how I envy you right now. Enjoy! Draw On!
Dee Overly

Deborah said...

Spectacular sketches! I never had a great ambition to travel Europe but with my trip to France last month and following all the sketches from EDM travelers I must go again and again. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Wonderful memories for you.

Teri C said...

OMG!!!! Sandy, these travel sketches of yours keep getting awesomer and awesomer!! Love them!

caseytoussaint said...

Sandy, these are great - I especially love the perspective on the last one, and the way you've composed the page. Keep 'em coming!

Lin said...

Oh Sandy! Can you see how green with envy I am !!! I LOVE your images -- so beautifully done -- they so remind me of my trip to Sicily -- and how much I am longing to return ... YOu're making me go hunt up an Italian photo or two!! Superior work, my friend!

phthaloblu said...

What memories you have sketched of your trip. These are wonderful as is your commentary.